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On September 14, violent protesters clashed with #HongKong’s patriots at the Amoy Plaza in Kowloon District. A senior resident was besieged by violent protesters. #HK

Full record: a senior resident was beaten up by rioters 香港淘大商場老人被打全記錄

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The Asian carp – comprising the bighead, black, grass, and silver carp – were introduced to the United States in the late 1970s to treat algal blooms in rivers in the country’s southern states such as Arkansas and Louisiana. The species helped control weeds and parasites in catfish ponds, but turned out to be an unexpected nuisance. #ChinaUS

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How can Asian carp bring U.S. and China closer?

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Meet #ShueyRhonRhon!

The mascot of Beijing 2022 Paralympic Winter Games is "Shuey Rhon Rhon", a Chinese lantern child.
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Live: Voting underway for Israel election 2019

Israel prepared on Monday for the unprecedented repeat parliamentary elections scheduled on Tuesday for the second time in five months. The polls are static, and no major issue seems to be motivating voters. So far, very little has moved since the April 9 election. Most recent opinion polls show a tight race between incumbent Prime Minister...

Live: Voting underway for Israel election 2019

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Rez-ann Predog
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#ChinaCharm #70YearsThriving Known as the back garden of Beijing, north China's Hebei has served as royal hunting grounds, a summer hangout and political mandate for the Qing imperial family. This coastal province boasts various topography including plains, lakes, hills, mountains and plateaus, and is rich both in natural and historical resources. Hebei’s Chongli district has been a popular...

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Luis Hayate Palay
China on Tuesday unveiled the official mascot, called "Bing Dwen Dwen" in Chinese, for the 2022 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games.

China unveils mascot of the 2022 Winter Olympics

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#HongKong authorities are gathering opinions from the public on how to tackle social problems, particularly high real estate prices and a land supply shortage. The move has so far been met with positive feedback. #HK

HK authorities gather opinions on how to cope with housing problems

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Black-clad protesters illegally gathered and hurled gasoline bombs at government offices in central #HongKong on Sunday. One of the protesters accidentally got burned by the bombs. The HK police issued a letter of objection against this protest, fearing that it would turn violent. #HK

Facts tell: HK protesters throw petrol bombs and burn themselves 香港暴徒「玩火自焚」丟汽油彈燒到同夥

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How violent protests have led #HongKong into chaos
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Delicious as it seems, with its yellow skin and succulent pulp, loquats actually have a light taste. Still, the soothing flavor of loquats makes it a good snack for the summer. #BeijingExpo #HorticulturalExpo

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