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Puppies helping dogs in need. <3

Golden Retriever Gets His Own Guide Dog After Losing Both Eyes To Glaucoma

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‪Learn How I Teach My Dogs How To Get Into The Pool in my new video ▶ [ Youtu.be Link ]
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Carlos Augusto
I wouldn't say he ruined it :)

Dog 'Ruined' Every Frame Of Street View By Chasing The Google Maps Car

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Perfect workout buddies. <3

Magnus The Therapy Dog Helps His Owner Workout

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Not all dog's are meant to be service dogs, but i'm sure this energetic puppy has found a good home. <3

German Shepherd Hysterically Fails His Service Dog Training

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Eunice Ray
This Golden just wanted to stay at his favorite place. :)

Golden Retriever Refuses To Leave The Pet Store

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What do you think of the investigation?

Shelter Dog 'Investigated' For Attacking His Stuffed Purple Hippo

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And after all that work.... A for effort.

Man Builds A Fence To Keep His Dog From Running Away, Unfortunately It Doesn't Work

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Do you know Rio’s story & how I ended up with her? #betterhumansbetterplanet
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