Celebrity Cheat Meal Taste Test

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Celebrity Cheat Meal Taste Test
Celebrity Cheat Meal Taste Test thumb Celebrity Cheat Meal Taste Test thumb Celebrity Cheat Meal Taste Test thumb


  • - What do celebs eats when they cheats?
  • - Let's talk about that.
  • (inspiring music)
  • Good mythical morning.
  • - Today for the first time in history
  • a discussion about celebrity cheaters
  • won't have anything to do with their nannies.
  • Unless they're eating their nannies.
  • - That's right because we're talking about
  • celebrity cheat meals, and for all you
  • young whipper-snappers who don't know
  • what we're talking about,
  • "I could just eat anything I want,
  • "I can't gain a pound, I don't know what's up with that?"
  • Screw you, first of all and second of all
  • a cheat meal is when you say uh-uh
  • to your diet and you enjoy a meal
  • with uh-huh, whatever you want.
  • - Right, celebrities go on some pretty insane diets
  • in order to stay sexy in their Calvins but,
  • their fridge binges can be absolutely bonkers.
  • So today we're gonna see if we can match up
  • the celebrity to their specified cheat meal.
  • It's time for, Ah Cheat Cheat Double Bacon,
  • Ah Cheat Cheat Fried Spam!
  • Okay, we're gonna be presented with a tasty cheat meal
  • and then, we are going to have to associate it
  • with a celebrity and put it in our cups here.
  • The winner, gets their own custom made cheat meal
  • to enjoy afterward-- - So celebrity cheat meal,
  • not because we're celebrities,
  • but it was made by a celebrity named Chase.
  • - And we do have a word bank of celebrities to choose from.
  • Zac Efron,
  • - J.La,
  • - J. Lin, Jeremy Lin,
  • - Gwyn Pa,
  • - Hugh Ja,
  • (laughter)
  • - Von Row,
  • - Tom Bra,
  • - Queen Be,
  • - And The Rock Johnson. (laughter)
  • Alright so here we go, we got our choices
  • let's bring in our first cheat meal.
  • - Round one. - Round one.
  • - Alright, up first, - Woah! What is that?
  • - [Rhett] That is two slices of pizza,
  • - What? - as the bread.
  • That's a pepperoni pizza and chili-mac inside.
  • So we got, looks like beef chili with beans
  • and some, whatever that particular noodle is.
  • - That is a lot, I would estimate that that's 1400 calories.
  • - I'm gonna cheat a lot today Link, I'm gonna cheat a lot.
  • - Cheat a lot, eat a lot. - Good granny!
  • - She is good.
  • - Oh you're just gonna take the one I cut for ya.
  • (laughter)
  • Okay, I do all the work. - Well it's on your side.
  • - This is somebody who is not afraid
  • of their reputation, the fact that they
  • disclosed this to the public at large.
  • - [Link] But I don't think they eat it with people watching,
  • like we're doing. - I would.
  • That, first of all is incredible.
  • - It is really good, yeah.
  • - I feel pretty confident about
  • this being J.La and here's why.
  • It's not like I read a lot about her (laughs), I do.
  • No I don't. - Yes I do.
  • - She's got this like, she let's it all hang out,
  • now she's dating that old director guy
  • and it's a little bit weird, this is sort of
  • a weird year for J.La, obviously that's not gonna last
  • and she'll get back to her normal self.
  • He probably doesn't let her eat this kind of stuff.
  • - I don't think he gets a say.
  • - I don't know, he's a very bossy director I've heard.
  • - He directs. - I read a lot about her.
  • - I'm thinking Tom Brady because
  • whenever I picture his mouth,
  • I picture chili going into it.
  • (laughter)
  • - It's simple.
  • - Round Two. - Round Two.
  • - Let's look at this, whoa (laughs), no.
  • - [Link] Welcome to heaven. - This is dumb.
  • - Who knew that this is what
  • the gates of heaven looked like?
  • - Is that half of an apple pie?
  • - Over, bread?
  • - Sour-dough French toast and apple pie on top of it.
  • - Who is this?
  • - Well lemme get in there and taste it first of all.
  • I gotta make sure, quality control you know.
  • You just put Beyoncé, you just disrespected the queen.
  • - The queen Be.
  • - Don't put her into her own meal.
  • - You think it's Be too?
  • - I don't know man... - My first thought was,
  • this is kind of a Beyoncé thing,
  • cause she is not Beyoncé this.
  • - I just got a really big...
  • (laughter)
  • - It's basically just, I mean it's a lotta bread.
  • Apple pie and French toast is basically just like
  • apple pie with a really thick crust.
  • - Lotsa carbs, this is an athlete,
  • - Very good.
  • - Cause athletes can cycle through this many carbs
  • and this is an athlete who has been hit in the head a lot.
  • (laughter)
  • This is Tom Brady or Ronda Rousey,
  • and I don't think that, Tom Brady he's beyond all this.
  • Tom Brady doesn't even have cheat meals man.
  • This is Ronda Rousey.
  • This is somebody who's been hit a lot.
  • - I don't think...
  • I'm second guessing the queen because
  • I don't feel like this is southern enough.
  • I mean, it could be but, I don't know.
  • It's not doin' it for me but, who did you vote?
  • - Ronda. - Ronda Rousey?
  • - I feel pretty confident about it too.
  • - I'm gonna stick with Beyoncé, with my instincts,
  • and then I know there's a switch round comin' later.
  • - Okay
  • - Round three! - Round three!
  • - Alright, - Wha, okay
  • - [Rhett] Kinda weird.
  • - [Link] French fries, block of cheese--
  • - And a Martini... (laughter)
  • - I don't like these oily drinks.
  • - So hold on, it's not cheese over the French fries
  • it's just cheese next to the French fries?
  • That's how they like it?
  • - French fries, cheese and Martinis.
  • - Okay, well I'm gonna break off a block.
  • - What does a Martini say about you?
  • - Class. - Classy?
  • - It's my favorite drink.
  • - Which explains why I don't like it.
  • - Dirty Martini with extra olives.
  • - I mean, I love cheese-fries.
  • I love cheese and fries.
  • - Now, this is somebody with class, taste.
  • (coughs) (laughter)
  • - Ew, that's like something you use to remove make-up.
  • - Now, I'm going with the instincts here.
  • A lot of people have said, "You look like Hugh Jackman."
  • I get that a lot, "You should be the next Wolverine."
  • Now, I haven't bulked up yet enough,
  • to be the next Wolverine but, I see the resemblance.
  • So, I like French fries, I like cheese, I like Martinis,
  • I'm gonna go with my instincts, Hugh Ja.
  • - Nothing says classy like, Gwyn Pa in my book.
  • I know that she's into like, - My favorite part.
  • - [Link] She definitely doesn't eat meat.
  • - There's no meat in this. - Is she vegan though?
  • - (laughs) I don't know Link.
  • - Round Four. - Round Four.
  • - Voilà, Tim Tams. (laughter)
  • A whole thing of Tim Tams.
  • - Just Tim Tams? - Tim Tams!
  • - Let's go for it brother, you need coffee with Tim Tams.
  • - Tim Tams are Canadian.
  • - [Rhett] Hold on, be gentle with the Tim Tams man.
  • - Tim Tam don't care, Tim Tam don't complain.
  • You can be rough with a Tim Tam.
  • - Now I think Jen is the one who told us
  • how to do these, the Tim Tam slam.
  • You take a bite out of each corner
  • and then you (slirps) coffee.
  • - Suck the coffee up through it.
  • This is definitely a Canadian.
  • This is an Australian isn't it?
  • - You're right Link, but which Canadian?
  • I think it's Jeremy Lin.
  • - I think Zac Efron is a Canadian.
  • The all-American boy is a Canadian.
  • - I know that Jeremy Lin is a Canadian.
  • He's the only confirmed Canadian
  • in this list for me at least.
  • - Well I know that they were in a movie together.
  • So I do know somethin'. - And The Rock is Canadian.
  • - The Rock ain't, The Rock's not Canadian.
  • Do they have Tim Tams in the down under?
  • - Well, that is true Australia and Canada
  • have a lot of things in common when it comes to snacks.
  • - There's no land overlap though.
  • - Right. - Contrary to popular belief
  • none of Canada and Australia overlaps each other.
  • - There used to be the Canadian-Australian land bridge.
  • (laughter) - If you're saying that this
  • is the only guy that's Canadian--
  • - It's a long land-bridge, really long.
  • - I have to agree with you on the Tim Tams.
  • - Oh okay, you're takin' my hints now bro.
  • - Round Five. - Round Five.
  • - Moving right along, ew. - What?
  • - I didn't think we were gonna eat anything gross today.
  • - There's been a mistake, in the world of cheat meals.
  • - [Rhett] This is quinoa-- - This is way to green.
  • - [Rhett] Wilted greens, I don't even wanna eat it man.
  • This is not cheating. - This'll make us feel better
  • about all the other stuff we ate.
  • - I don't think that's how it works.
  • - Oh, it's very garlicy.
  • That's too good for ya-- - It's not bad though.
  • - It's like a ginger...
  • - I mean c'mon, this has gotta be Gwyn, Gwyn Pal.
  • I mean, she's the only person pretentious enough
  • to make this choice when asked this question,
  • "My cheat meal is quinoa with wilted greens."
  • I just makes you, doesn't it make you crazy?
  • I'm not gonna say anything like,
  • "I wanna slap her when she says that."
  • I would never say that.
  • (laughter)
  • - Well ya know what, except for that last part,
  • everything you said made sense,
  • except for the fact that, this is Zac Efron.
  • - Oh really?
  • - Cause everything you said also applies to him.
  • - Well Zac Efron, he's got a really, really tight thing
  • going on now because of the Baywatch.
  • And you don't get that tight - Without the quinoa.
  • - Round Six. - Round Six.
  • - Shazam!
  • Well, now we're talkin'!
  • - Oh and look, we just got a McFlurry and what?
  • - A Mountain Dew baby, now we're talkin'.
  • Oh, those animal fries from In-N-Out,
  • fries from McDonalds, chicken burrito from Taco Bell.
  • - Let's not talk about it, let's eat it.
  • - In-N-Out burger, I haven't had one in so long.
  • - Really, what you been doin'?
  • - I've been not cheatin' I've been stayin' true.
  • Now, this right here has got to go.
  • - Let's get a nice bite, just for research purposes.
  • - This right here's one of
  • my favorite things on earth,
  • and I'm talking including people.
  • Animal fries from In-N-Out.
  • - [Rhett] I haven't had a chicken McNugget in a long time.
  • - I've never had it with a chicken nugget
  • in my mouth at the same time.
  • - This is somebody-- - That I love.
  • - This is a large person, I mean,
  • this has gotta be The Rock or Tom Brady,
  • but this feels so Rockish, isn't this so like Rock,
  • to get something from 15 different places.
  • - He doesn't get it personally, I'll tell ya that.
  • - You don't think The Rock is waitin'
  • in the drive through line?
  • At all these places, "Oh, it's you Mr. Rock."
  • - No, not unless like a sponsorship or something.
  • - This has gotta be a man who can
  • get these calories gone very quickly throughout the week
  • because this could kill you
  • if you ate like this all the time.
  • - I think you're right with The Rock.
  • See, you're gettin' in all the rationale early
  • and I just don't wanna agree with you.
  • So I'm gonna go with somebody that is the most
  • lovable person on this thing because
  • this is my most lovable, thing I've ever eaten.
  • So little J. La goes on there, isn't she a lovable person?
  • To know that she eats all this food on her cheat day.
  • - This is the kind of thing that she would do.
  • I'll give ya that.
  • - Okay now we have the switcheroo where
  • we have a chance after we're told
  • how many we have right, to switch as many as we want,
  • so Stevie, let us know where we stand.
  • - [Stevie] Rhett, you have one.
  • - No, all my logic is just completely unfolded.
  • - Haha, yeah it did and it was fun to watch.
  • What's mine? - Link, you have,
  • One correct as well.
  • - Man, it's probably just this one--
  • - We probably got the Tim Tams right.
  • - The only one we agree on, 'cause
  • I felt sure you were right about The Rock
  • but we're both wrong about everything.
  • - How can we be so wrong?
  • - Unless we're not right about this one?
  • I think you're right about The Rock
  • but I don't know what I'm right about.
  • - I'm gonna go with my instincts
  • and say that Tom Brady has been hit in the head quite a bit
  • and so he does the dumb meal.
  • Beyoncé, I feel like Beyoncé needs a place in my system.
  • - I think this has to be Gwyneth,
  • even though I wanted it to be Zac.
  • And I think this is what you're right about.
  • - You think I'm right about The Rock,
  • now you think I'm right about quinoa.
  • - Nope, changed my mind, I think you're right
  • about that one, so then I would have to put Zac here,
  • that's not right. - Gosh this is so confusing.
  • - I'm gonna take Beyoncé away.
  • I think you're right about The Rock too.
  • (Rhett laughs)
  • - Now you're just all matching.
  • - I'm puttin' Jennifer up there
  • with the fries, cheese and Martini, final answer.
  • - I think this is wrong, I think Beyoncé
  • does the pizza and the chili mac.
  • - Okay
  • - Guys, now you both have zero correct.
  • - We both have zero, okay, so let us have it.
  • - [Stevie] So, the first meal, the pizza and chili mac
  • was Jennifer Lawrence. - Ah, I was right!
  • That was the only one I got right.
  • - Alright, who is this?
  • - I'll put the right one's in as we go.
  • - [Stevie] The eight slices of sour-dough French toast
  • topped with a half of an apple pie is, The Rock.
  • - Oh, The Rock. - That's The Rock.
  • I almost made that switch. - French fries, cheese
  • and a Martini, Gwyneth Paltrow.
  • - I talked so much trash about her.
  • I'm sorry Gwyneth, I don't wanna slap you in the face.
  • We have the same favorite dream.
  • - So we were wrong about Tim Tams, who is that?
  • - [Stevie] Yeah, I don't even think Jeremy Lin is Canadian.
  • - He is Canadian.
  • - [Woman] He was born in Torrance, California.
  • (Rhett laughs)
  • - Man, you convinced me with your lies.
  • - [Stevie] The entire package of Tim Tams
  • is Hugh Jackman. - Oh, see!
  • - [Rhett] Dude, you were so close.
  • - I knew it was in Australia.
  • - [Stevie] The gross quinoa meal is, Tom Brady.
  • - He had a humorous response to somebody.
  • - [Stevie] And finally, all of the
  • amazing fast food, that was Jeremy Lin.
  • - Oh, man we suck at this. - But I love Jeremy Lin.
  • Bring that burger back out. - Except you Efron...
  • - Thank you for liking, commenting and subscribing.
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  • - Oh, there they are. - Wow, what is this?
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  • We're gonna have lots of fun.
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