"Coujemar89, you are a special, special man." - General Ironicus

Grüezi wohl and welcome to my channel.

I'm more or less officially the first swiss human being who started LPs.
Why? Well it's fun and I also started LP'ing to improve my spoken language and up to this point it worked out pretty well.

This channel offers Let's Plays, the occassional stream and content to popular games.

Updatewise I try to crank out a video once a week, but it's nothing I can guarantee. Either LP-related or sometimes also something completely random.


00:00 ELEX Stream | 09 | Big Battle
66 views | Apr 14, 2019
06:33 Let's Play Hover! - for a Day
2K+ views | Jan 01, 1970
06:20 lets paly for day mario wrld thing
13K+ views | Jan 01, 1970