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Ordinary dog by day, extra-ordinary dog by night! #SuperShiro follows the adventures of an ordinary pup living with his family in Japan, but who doubles as a superhero dog with the ultimate task of restoring peace in the world! Launching April 18

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After all, a morning full of snacking and walking back and forth from the bathroom is super tiring

#WeBareBears #IceBearInIsolation
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Tahlia Hayes
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James Manché
Want more behind the scenes content of Monster Beach? There's plenty to keep you satified until the launch on Saturday 11th at 6:30pm. Head on over to [ Cartoonnetwork.com.au Link ] ‍♀

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Seth Hoey
Did you know that aussie talent Rove McManus will be voicing characters on our brand new show, #MonsterBeach? Hear Rove talk about his starring role as Dr.Knutt here!

Cartoon Network: Monster Beach

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Erika Jayne Robinson
Tony Gazzard
Another day in self-isolation well spent…

Cartoon Network: Adventure Time

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Surf-crazy like Jan, or surfing the net like Dean? Which character do you relate to more? #MonsterBeach launches on April 11...not long now

And don't forget to check out more exclusive Monster Beach content at [ Cartoonnetwork.com.au Link ]

Cartoon Network: Monster Beach

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Cartoon Network APAC posted on Mar 31, 2020

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Did someone say…bear hunt? The best part about searching for these three trouble makers is that you can do it right from the comfort of your couch! Catch #WeBareBears on Cartoon Network to solve all of your quarantine boredom.

#BearHunt #StayHome
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Kenneth Hird
The legacy of the Thundercats continues! Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, Wilykat and Wilykit are back with their out-of-this-world action and hilariously sharp banter with the new show - ThunderCats Roar! Can't hold out till the launch of the show in May? Catch a sneak peak of the show this Saturday 4:45pm

#ThunderCatsRoar #SneakPeek

Cartoon Network: ThunderCats Roar

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Felix Witte
The ever-changing master of disguise is back in another hilarious mini episode! If you were Lamput, what would you shape-shift into?

#Lamput #InternationalEmmyKidsAwards

Cartoon Network: Lamput

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