Carp and node without node - fishing carp

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Carp and node without node - fishing carp
Carp and node without node - fishing carp thumb Carp and node without node - fishing carp thumb Carp and node without node - fishing carp thumb


Fishing carp 3ech fisheries, which is the steward PZW: Lipa, Bear and wrongs or Łętownia. Together with Jurek and David went for smaller fishing. The first 2 tanks are effectively prevented. Łętownia proved to be beneficial. Small carp treads take virtually one by one, effectively preventing access to the bait fish to another. The most effective bait that day turned out to be pellet Hunter flavored halibut 12 mm mounted on bristles. Film fishing recorded in harsh conditions. Although it does not run out of the corner of his culinary Jurek and it bułulec and tips of the day. Welcome to the movie. How do you like it please leave a paw up, thank you in advance. I also encourage you to discuss in the comments beneath the video.

Read the article about the expedition tank Łętownia (Harm)


Road map to the tank Harm, Łętownia:

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