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There is absolutely no reason for children to be hungry in this country.

Sign Petition: Trump Wants to Withhold Vital Meals Services From Low-Income Children

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Forrest Sutton
Janet Warburton Layden
Deb Ritter
Nanette Amaral
Penny Brand
Zoo animals in Indonesia are suffering every day. Sign now to pressure the Indonesian government to end its zoo animal cruelty: bit.ly/2OyUpAd

The Plight of the Animals Suffering in This Country's Zoos Will Bring You To Tears.

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Wendy Herron
Sheila-Dave Higgins
Meg Brown
Joie Jager
Rosa Dillon
Rapper T.I. feels it's OK to monitor his teenage daughter's hymen. Virginity testing is unscientific, unnecessary and downright abusive! Sign the petition if you agree! [ Bit.ly Link ]
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Sharon Parker
Gina Fuller
Jackkay Kranz
Sam Lawson
Lori Therrien
They're being starved and forced to live in their own filth.

Sign Petition: The Plight of the Animals Suffering in This Country's Zoos Will Bring You To Tears.

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Mary Rubio
Dana Anderson
Bonnie Morley
Jack Williams
Brenda A Childs
Horses will continue to die until California closes the Santa Anita racetrack once and for all!

Sign Petition: Now 35 Horses Have Died At This Famous Racetrack

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Betty Kimball
Margaret Forman
Lucy Garcia
Jackkay Kranz
Devin Butters Johnston
Germany should not stand for the torture of innocent animals!

Sign Petition: At This Lab, They Forced Monkeys to Dangle by the Neck from Metal Tongs

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Nilla Lobos
Ellen Howard
Lizbeth Forero
Carolyn DeLage
Dawn Wells
Good news! Last week, Paris adopted a resolution that will finally put an end to the use of innocent, wild animals in circuses in the city. But there’s still a long way to go if we want to protect all of France’s wildlife. Share the petition to put the pressure on France to ban the use of wild animals in circuses throughout the entire country!

Sign Petition: It's Time to Ban Animals in Circuses in France

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Karin Aston
Bruce Wilken
Mary Rubio
Mary Jordan
Jan Johnston
These corporations urgently need to do more to address the plastic pollution crisis they’ve created: bit.ly/34e4Nne

These Companies Have Been Named the Biggest Plastic Polluters. Demand That They Change Their Ways Before They Destroy Our Planet.

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Lindsay Girard
Christina Mickey
Mary Larrimore
Sherrie Altman Phillips
Sheresa Dodson
With so few elephants left in the world, we can't afford to lose a single one.

Sign Petition: Justice for Kanakota. The Elephant That Was Worked to Death.

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Marie Ingemi
Liz Llanes
Joan Holland
Kannati Parra
Demetra Tzelepis-Todd
There is excuse for hurting an animal just to make a human smile.

Sign Petition: This Cafe is Dangerously Dying Dogs Fur!

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Kathleen Lawson
Tara Lichter
Hailey Toner
Anita Bostick
Tara Leucuta James