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Captain Paul Watson posted on Apr 04, 2020

Announcement – Sea Shepherd Fleet in Self Quarantine

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The Southern Ocean whaling season is over without a single whale being killed.

All of our efforts since 2002 have paid off. The Japanese whaling fleet did not go to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary this season and will not be returning in the future.

Our objective has been achieved. The Sanctuary is now 100% safe for whales.

Since 2005, Sea Shepherd saved the lives of some 6,500 whales in...

Japanese whaling is down but not out

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A timely quote on viruses in the permafrost.

Captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd says, “The Marine Arctic Peace Sanctuary must continue to hold the massive reserves of restless methane within its quiet lonely bosom where sleeping viruses remain safely captive. From the dark boreal forests to the groaning of the shifting floes, there is the constant whispering reminder that this stark and...

Keep future pandemics under ice - St. Lucia News Online

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Tonight on Animal Planet

WATSON on Animal Planet

April 1st, 2020

Watson – Animal Planet, 8.30pm

This special documents the work of Captain Paul Watson, the founder of conservation body Sea Shepherd that seeks to keep our oceans and their inhabitants safe and clean. Watson has devoted his life to this cause and this documentary presents interviews, clips of some of the group’s most hairy...
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For those in the southern part of the world. Here is the Promo for the Documentary #Watson which will be aired in Australia & New Zealand, Wednesday 1st April at 8:30pm on Animal Planet channel aka Discovery Channel Australia & NZ #SeaShepherd #watsonfilm #AnimalPlanet #discoverychannel Feel free to share.


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Blessed are the Minstrels

The self isolating due to the Coronavirus affects everyone and one group hit the hardest are independent musicians who need to work to make a living and with gigs cancelled across the board this has made their lives very difficult.

Over the years these hard working independent performers have been a considerable help in supporting Sea Shepherd campaigns. Yes, we...

Virus has impact on musicians ~ The Great Southern Weekender

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Captain Paul Watson posted on Mar 29, 2020

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