Captain America Wakandan Shield BUILD (INFINITY WAR)

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Captain America Wakandan Shield BUILD (INFINITY WAR)
Captain America Wakandan Shield BUILD (INFINITY WAR) thumb Captain America Wakandan Shield BUILD (INFINITY WAR) thumb Captain America Wakandan Shield BUILD (INFINITY WAR) thumb


  • To see that we could become something more
  • So when they needed us we could fight the battles that they never could
  • Are you guys excited? I am and you know what that means
  • Well for Civil War I made Captain America's electromagnetic shield
  • And it's kind of my number one video on the channel so for infinity war I think it's
  • Time we make his new Wakandan shield
  • Get this man a shield
  • Now the tricky part with doing a project like this is until the movie
  • comes out we don't have that much reference material we've seen a few
  • glimpses of the shield and some of the trailers and other promotional material
  • but there's still a chance it might be a bit different in the movie
  • But, we're gonna use what we have and see what we can come up with so follow me and let's
  • start the design
  • Hurry up so to start the design what I've done is
  • I've actually taken a still from the trailer and then I've extracted the
  • shield, I've scaled that to approximately the right size and brought it into SolidWorks
  • which lets me actually draw overtop of the picture to get the right shape
  • So let's do that
  • all right so that mechanism should work but to make sure
  • let's make a quick cardboard prototype using the laser cutter
  • Alright that prototype looks pretty good and as you can see the mechanism
  • actually works quite well too so what we've done here is we actually
  • 3D printed some rails of the actual part that we're going to be ordering for the
  • final design and the way the actual mechanism works is we've got these slots
  • and as you can see when the shield extends a little bit only the tip moves
  • but once it moves about an inch it hits the curve which then forces the wings out
  • This captures the design element that's shown in the trailer how the
  • front spike comes out at first and then the wings open and I think that's really cool
  • Now all we need is a way to power this and to make it look a bit more like
  • a real shield so let's go back to CAD
  • so again I'm going to be using the reference images from the trailer to
  • help me design the actual aesthetics to try and make it as accurate as possible to the movies
  • Now that, that looks pretty good but before we build it let's see what would
  • it actually look like on my arm come with me
  • I've always loved in the Iron Man movies how they show Tony Stark doing his
  • designs with Holograms in real life so we've actually been upgrading our
  • augmented and virtual reality capabilities here at Hacksmith Industries
  • But enough talking about it lets show you. Jarvis activate shield
  • pretty cool eh let's see if we can open it too
  • Actually can we get some sound effects too?
  • Jarvis: Sir, there are still terabytes of calculations needed.
  • Now what would be a good way to test the shield? What if some
  • bad guys broke into my shop?
  • I feel like we're going off script.
  • So what do you guys think? Should we make it I think the design is just about ready to go.
  • Just kidding the laser cutter is already cutting it
  • you know this would be a lot easier if you didn't steal my *@*#ing shield Tony
  • it's really hard to make your own
  • Stark: sometimes you got a run before you can walk and for gosh sake watch your language
  • So I'm pretty happy with the design now which means it's time to make it out of metal
  • now when I started this project we had no way of actually manufacturing the
  • shield in-house so we actually had to get the parts laser cut by a local
  • machine shop but halfway through we got a new piece of equipment delivered
  • it's a Maverick CNC plasma cutter that we got from Elite Metal Tools
  • Elite Metal Tools provides all kinds of industrial machinery and helped us find the perfect
  • plasma table for our needs if you need help choosing the industrial machine to
  • make something great head on over to EMT now that we have this machine let's cut
  • out the next set of Captain America shields
  • so we had a slight issue while welding the top piece of Captain America's shield
  • We kind of forgot it warps if you do a whole lot of welding so we need
  • to try and straighten this out somehow and what's the point of making a project
  • if you're not going to use it so I actually got Thor's hammer here which
  • weighs about 75 pounds
  • and we're gonna see if maybe we can straighten out the shield
  • Very scientific
  • all right we've got all the pieces welded for the most part now we can
  • actually assemble the mechanism and see if it works
  • I should really make a third hand like maybe like Winter Soldier but I just
  • have an extra arm off my ribcage cool now that'd be weird
  • it's okay we're putting 800 psi through it therefore it's it's just it's a whole bunch more pressure
  • Is it allowed to do that?
  • Well, it hasn't exploded yet
  • This is the part I haven't quite thought through yet.
  • well it's late Sunday night but our first prototype works
  • Alright, so when I first assembled it it wasn't sliding too well but we've made some
  • adjustments to the rails and we've lubed the whole thing and now well you'll see
  • not bad all right so how is it actually actuated
  • well what we're doing is we're actually using a 16 gram co2 cartridge as the
  • air source for the project and it runs through a check valve and what a check
  • valve means is pressure can only flow through the check valve in this
  • direction so when you build up pressure in here it doesn't try and escape back
  • over here when you press the button it goes into the extended position then we
  • have a four two valve over here which basically changes the direction of the
  • air flowing through the pneumatic cylinder which is mounted under here so
  • if we press press this button down and then trigger it it retracts if you press
  • it without pushing it it extends and it fits nicely right inside the handle
  • Alright so now that we know that the mechanism works well let's finish up
  • with a few of the detail pieces we've got a few more pieces right here that
  • we're actually gonna weld onto this and then we paint it and it should look just
  • like the one in the movie let's get started
  • all right so the first prototypes done and I think it works pretty good
  • hey anyways we've made a few design changes for the final version and we're
  • actually making two more shields for our ultimate test video which is coming out
  • really soon make sure you subscribe notifications turned on but right now
  • let's give you a sneak peek of the kind of destruction we're going to do with
  • this thing
  • all right for this test I'm gonna need some safety glasses
  • how about old versus new
  • all right that was just a little taste of the destruction we're gonna be doing
  • with these shields I know you guys are gonna want to see me go ham with these
  • things so make sure you hit that subscribe button and turn notifications
  • on this shield test is gonna be awesome plus I even got a licensed Captain
  • America costume for it special thanks to killer body for hooking me up with this
  • awesome costume let us know in the comments below what you want to see me
  • smash with these shields and don't forget to check out infinity war to see
  • how this project stacks up to the real thing thanks for watching make sure you're subscribed
  • Hang on, do I want to bring the arm up, after you've thrown it, or do I want to be in a position? It would look cooler if you've thrown it and I'm like WOAH but it's heavy.

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This is probably one of my proudest creations yet. While the video might simplify the process, it took nearly 30 hours of 3D design in SolidWorks CAD to finalize the design. Building the prototype took hundreds of hours of labor. But it was all worthwhile to see the end result. A fully functional, real life expandable Captain America shield. Stay tuned for the test video and a Questions and Answers video that will be on our vlog channel soon!

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