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In between reps, we Crush!

We love hearing about the weird and wonderful places you play Candy Crush. Let us know YOUR story below!
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Julio Tello
Elida Sarmiento Quiros
Doreen Bhola
David Eccleston
Jean Marc Fayolle
Something to chase away the January blues...

New levels!!! Challenge your friends and see who can complete them first! Tell us, who do you like to play Candy Crush with?

New Levels!

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Claudette Berry
Pat Matthews Brooks
Marj Ward
Janice Lee Caniglia Shapiro
Suman Jhunjhunwala
Which of these strange locations have you played Candy Crush in?!

Use an emoji to pick your answer and comment below if you've played in other strange places before!
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Marie Kralik
Sanjay Agarwal
Heather Cook
Frank Brandon
Robin Tront
The urge to play can hit you in the oddest environments. Tell us…

What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever played Candy Crush?
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Nicholas Marshall
Damir Kararić
Tine Ke
Kristian Mastrini
Jeenesh Bhojoo
Don't worry, you're not alone!!

We want to know the craziest place you've played Candy Crush and why?

The results are in!

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Christhine Rosseau
Felipe J. Alvarez
Marie Oliveira
Lisa Lustik
Fernanda Pita
Taking a well-deserved break to play Candy Crush…

Do you use Candy Crush to unwind? If so, tell us how you relax with Candy Crush!
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Felipe J. Alvarez
Elinor Post Glazer
Pam Maplethorpe
Aida van den Bergh
Judy Denny
New Levels are out now!!

How would you summarise the feeling you get when new levels come out?

New Levels!

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Felipe J. Alvarez
Vilma Bautista
Pascal de Wit
Mahmoud Abd Elmohsen Ali
Heidi Vdr
Wake up, go to work, play Candy Crush...repeat!!

Do you have a ritual that involves Candy Crush? Tell us your steps below
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Marianne Baker
Deena Billings-Weber
Mary Lou Miller-Gauss
Jenny Ramirez
Bev Coates
Back to the #MondayMorning grind! How do you play Candy Crush at work?

Do you play anywhere else at work? Let us know in the comments below

Back to the #MondayMorning grind! How do you play Candy Crush at work? Do you play anywhere else at work? Let us know in the comments below

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Tasia Iliopoulou
Ancie Yngve
Linda Irene
Linda Fetla
Raksha Bhatt Joshi
What is your Candy Crush resolution for 2020 and why?!
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Hasmawati Harin
Tom Lachkar
Rodney McNichol
Raudzah Mansor Jaludin
Edna Bielenberg Mantha