Can This Chef Make Instant Ramen Fancy?

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Can This Chef Make Instant Ramen Fancy?
Can This Chef Make Instant Ramen Fancy? thumb Can This Chef Make Instant Ramen Fancy? thumb Can This Chef Make Instant Ramen Fancy? thumb


  • - Hi, I'm Rie.
  • I'm a Tasty producer.
  • Today, I've been challenged to take common food
  • and make it fancy.
  • The rules are you must completely use the food given,
  • except package, right?
  • You can only add to the food.
  • You can buy whatever ingredients you wish.
  • Do we have a budget?
  • Can I buy truffle?
  • Once you begin cooking,
  • you must complete upgraded dish in 30 minutes.
  • Let's see what's in it.
  • Instant ramen noodle.
  • I think it might be a guilty pleasure.
  • There is no nutritious value in it.
  • I wanna make this something exciting.
  • Make it fancy!
  • Here's what I got:
  • shrimp, sesame oil, soy sauce, carrot, shiitake mushrooms,
  • bok choy, ginger, and garlic.
  • I'm gonna see my timer for 30 minutes.
  • Start right now.
  • Woo, let's get started.
  • I'm going to deep fry ramen noodle.
  • Heating oil takes a little bit of time,
  • so I'm going to do it first.
  • I also brought my own knife.
  • Where did it go, though?
  • You don't? (chuckles)
  • So, I'm gonna cut vegetables.
  • I don't think I need this much carrot.
  • I think I just need a half carrot for this.
  • I'm going for this dish I tried in Japan
  • and also in a Chinese restaurant,
  • but it's like American Chinese restaurant
  • so I don't wanna say it's an authentic Chinese dish.
  • But it's just taste really good.
  • And I'm going to slice shiitake mushroom.
  • You don't wanna use the stem because it's kinda tough.
  • You can peel ginger with spoon.
  • So, ginger, I'm gonna just chop really finely.
  • same as garlic.
  • If you're not comfortable with using knife,
  • chopping something very finely, you can use grater.
  • It's much easier and safer.
  • I take my knife very seriously.
  • Fun fact, I used to work for a knife store
  • as a knife salesperson.
  • A knife is probably my favorite cooking tool.
  • I take my lady to the spa every once in a while,
  • sharpen my knife.
  • Let's check the timer.
  • Oh, I have 17 minutes left.
  • I should have planned better.
  • Should have got the peeled shrimp,
  • but I got the shelled shrimp.
  • So, I'm gonna just fare really really fast.
  • I have this thing, weird thing.
  • Whenever I cook in front of people, my hand starts shaking.
  • So, bear with me.
  • I chose shrimp for my protein
  • because it's really quick to cook.
  • You can use chicken, you can use pork.
  • I'm gonna saute the shrimp.
  • This is just a canola oil.
  • So, I'm gonna just saute until it changes color.
  • I like cooking with chopsticks.
  • Shrimp is done.
  • I have 12 minutes left.
  • Oil is almost 350, so I want to start frying my ramen.
  • And I kinda know this ramen noodle.
  • It's two big ramen sticked together,
  • so I'm gonna just break in half.
  • It didn't quite work, but you know, I'm gonna just do it.
  • I'm start cooking something takes longer time to cook,
  • so I'm going to start with carrot (mumbles).
  • I'm gonna just salt a little bit
  • 'cause I want to layer the flavor.
  • Now I'm adding mushroom (mumbles).
  • I'm going to add ginger and garlic.
  • You kinda wanna add garlic later
  • when you're cooking high heat
  • 'cause garlic burns really quickly
  • and you don't need to put it in first.
  • And it gives a nice flavor, smells good.
  • I'm going to add cup of water and this seasoning packet.
  • I don't know.
  • (laughing)
  • I just know the flavor, it's ramen broth,
  • and I'm gonna just use it.
  • I think I'm gonna just use one tablespoon sake
  • for flavoring, and also, when you're using shrimp,
  • it kinda take out those fishy smell.
  • Also, I'm going to put sesame oil.
  • Tasted good, but I think I need a little bit more flavor.
  • I'm going to add some soy sauce.
  • Oh, yeah.
  • It started tasting fancy.
  • Oh, I have six minutes left.
  • Okay, my ramen noodle looks, looking good.
  • It look like a golden brown.
  • I think it's almost done.
  • I want to make my soup a little bit thicker,
  • so I'm going to add water to starch.
  • I'm using potato starch, but you can use corn starch.
  • And in order to do that,
  • you have to make sure the soup is boiling
  • and put back the shrimp and I'm ready.
  • I have two minutes left.
  • So, I can put it in a hot pan
  • so I can have nice good sizzling.
  • Oh, it's hot.
  • It has a really nice sizzle noise, and I'm done!
  • (classical music)
  • Let me do a taste test first.
  • Mhm.
  • So, I made a sizzling pan-fried noodle.
  • - Great! - I hope you like it.
  • - I have a spoon? - Yeah.
  • - Enjoy your noodle. - Yeah!
  • - Do you wanna be my grandma?
  • - (chuckles) Why can't I be a mom?
  • - Yeah, it's great.
  • I would consider this fancy.
  • (bell rings)
  • - Oh, wow.
  • - Did I make it fancy?
  • - This is fancy approved.
  • (clapping) Congratulations.
  • - Thank you.
  • Thank you, sir.
  • - This is like proper restaurant quality.
  • - That means, did I make it fancy?
  • Oh, hell yeah.
  • - Yay! (bell rings)
  • It's not a competition, but I feel like I won (laughs).
  • Everyone liked it and everyone approved I made it fancy.
  • I also really happy this totally different
  • from packaged noodle and it's really easy.
  • I feel like I made it less than 10 dollars.
  • I totally encourage you, make it at home and make it fancy.
  • I have a dance.
  • - You have a dance?
  • - Yeah. - Show me.
  • - Make it fancy.
  • (laughing)
  • Three, two, one.
  • - [Both] Make it fancy.
  • - [Both] Make it fancy.
  • (upbeat music)

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