Can I Help You? | Anwar Jibawi

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05:42   |   May 11, 2018


Can I Help You? | Anwar Jibawi
Can I Help You? | Anwar Jibawi thumb Can I Help You? | Anwar Jibawi thumb Can I Help You? | Anwar Jibawi thumb


  • Sup, man what's up is there anything i can help you with Just looking around that's all
  • awesome
  • Awesome man just to let you know all hats and t-shirts are on sale right now, oh?(stalker)
  • oh cool cool cool
  • Oh and by the way, my name is Edward just in case you need, me for anything. Okay, got it thanks Ed
  • my friends usually, call me ed(ew....lel)
  • Okay, cool! That's what's up
  • We got belts in every color man
  • Okay, thanks incase wanted me to go to the back, oh, no, man i'm like, i i'm i'm good i'm just looking cool
  • Oh I for sure see you in these man already got these jeans
  • Oh, yeah, yeah but you, don't have, these things i know i'm just looking are you just looking
  • Okay, cool, yeah, yeah, babe i'm actually at dinner my change right now is just trying to find something good okay, tell your girl
  • Hey man oh just let. You know all yoga pants are 10% off today but you got to come in right now
  • Hang up you guys good
  • This is you, no
  • Dodgers cap? no
  • No no no no
  • Those are fire i just got these, myself what, size are you like 36 38 know what let, me just check for you
  • Don't bro i'm good, okay i don't need
  • Your, help i'm good from the second i walked in this store you've been, bugging me, following
  • me around i'm good I don't your help okay!
  • Okay, I understand i'll leave you alone.
  • oh
  • Tam's whoa i can, say, no to a man you actually got these in a size 12?
  • Uh, uh, edward edward, ed?
  • Tumbleweed?
  • Yo, my man you got these in a 12 bro?
  • I don't work here i'm just wearing a. blue shirt you can, ask, that guy, over there he's great
  • He'll take care of you
  • Hey, hey i love you, let's get it tiffany
  • Hey, man listen i got these IM SORRY SIR YOUR GONNA HAVE TO WAIT YOUR TURN!
  • Okay, thank you anyway remember you have the power and don't let, anyone walk all over you
  • Have an amazing, day
  • Lid, what's up there's? No bottles bro bell bottom, jeans ride on aisle four hey, you have an amazing and blessed, day
  • No, no of course, yeah this look great on you thank you have an amazing, day love you
  • remember i'm here if you need me i always will be
  • Look, edie man i'm so, sorry, about today man i don't know
  • What, was wrong with me you know tripping you know so we cool all right, oh listen man you got
  • Hey Hey!
  • come on Ed man stop playing man
  • Hey what, size- this isn't about you
  • I need, you
  • Needed you from the moment i first walked in the store i mean i should've never take
  • Your assistance for granted i'm sorry there's no one else that i won't help, me with, my shoes nobody
  • You really mean that Course Ed dude,
  • My friend's usually call m- I know
  • Okay, that's why I said that
  • Your ma friend
  • I took your help for granted and
  • im sorry
  • You, were just doing your job so do you have these in a size 12. Give me the shoes, oh?
  • My, god yo man look i was wondering if you wanted to go to the ball game and i had an extra ticket
  • Hey, you gotta pay for that

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