Can DRY AGE save a $1 Steak? | Guga Foods

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Can DRY AGE save a $1 Steak? | Guga Foods
Can DRY AGE save a $1 Steak? | Guga Foods thumb Can DRY AGE save a $1 Steak? | Guga Foods thumb Can DRY AGE save a $1 Steak? | Guga Foods thumb


  • This is an eye round considered by most the worst piece of
  • steak there is. And most people don't even eat as a steak. It is a muscle that
  • works hard and for that reason it is not that tender. But my goal today is to test
  • it two different ways to find out if we can make this as good as a steak. And the
  • first one is going to be dry aged. When dry aging you want to make sure you keep
  • everything clean and for that reason I like to wear gloves. This is an UMA Dry
  • bag kit it is not an ordinary bag. It is a special bag used for dry aging, it
  • allows moisture to escape without letting anything bad get back in. It is
  • the perfect way to dry aged at home without any special equipment. Once I've
  • removed the additional liquid that came in the bag all there's left to do is
  • transfer the meat inside of the bag. I've gotten a lot of questions before should
  • you pat it dry and the answer is no. You want the meat wet because it will give a
  • better contact, so never pat it dry. Using a special fabric that comes with the kit
  • all you have to do is vacuum seal it. Do your best because you will not be able
  • to remove all the air out. Now transfer it to a cooling rack and it is ready for
  • dry aging. There is nothing else to do but put it on your refrigerator and wait
  • 45 days. Now I really want to compare how good this dry aging will be so I got
  • another eye round. Once I slice it open you can already tell that it is a tough cut
  • of meat. Since it's a working muscle you can see there is almost no intramuscular
  • fat. Most people do not use as a steak they use it as a roast. Now that I have
  • two halves one of them I am going to be using the pineapple to tenderize it, and
  • the other one is going to be the control. for the control I cut steaks at one
  • and a half inches thick, then I seasoned them well with salt pepper and garlic
  • powder. Now I don't have high hopes for this one, but I want to have something to
  • compare with. Since this one is ready let's move right into the pineapple. Now
  • this might sound weird but pineapple have enzymes not only on the fruit
  • itself but also on the skin. To ensure we extract the most amount of the enzymes I
  • am going to be blending all of it including the skin. I know it sounds
  • weird to you because we don't eat the skin we will also not be eating this
  • blend. Once he does its job we just gotta wash it off.
  • And that's what you're looking for.
  • I cut three more steaks out of the
  • one I had left I added them to the mix and make sure he was a hundred percent
  • submerged. Now there's left to do is let them marinate for two hours in the
  • refrigerator. Once the two hours had elapsed I quickly removed them and as
  • you already know by my tenderizing experiment this makes the meat very soft.
  • Now it really feels like a steak, and I think if I leave it any longer it will
  • start disintegrating. You can also see that the color completely changed, that
  • redness is gone and the enzymes started to cook the steak already. It is
  • important to wash it all off. The enzymes already did their job be sure to rinse
  • it under cold water for at least three times. Once that was done now you can
  • really see what I was talking about. It no longer looks like a steak it looks
  • like fish. But now that they're all ready it is time to season them and I kept the
  • seasoning the same, used salt pepper and garlic powder. Now let's get back to
  • our dry aged one.
  • After 45 days of dry aging this is what it looks like.
  • Without even opening the bag it feels like a rock. As you can imagine it was already
  • hard before dry aging but now that I open it and I feel this crust it is
  • exactly like a rock. There is no Bend whatsoever.
  • Once the bags was completely removed this is what it looks like.
  • Then I got one of my sharpest knife and tried to slice them into steaks and boy
  • was it hard, but I managed to do it.
  • As you know you have to remove the outer edges. Once I've done that I was rewarded
  • with three beautiful steaks.
  • If you did not see the process and you touch this, this capacitors a filet
  • mignon. It feels extremely tender but it is also very small. But the important
  • thing is how is it going to taste. To make sure the season is consistent I use
  • the exact same thing which is salt pepper and garlic powder.
  • Now I want to give these eye rounds the best possible chance of becoming a steak.
  • I'll be using this as my basting butter. It's pretty straightforward we have one
  • stick of melted butter mixed with two tablespoons of garlic paste, mix it well
  • and your basting butter is done.
  • But now that we have the steaks ready it is
  • time to answer that good question; Will dry-aged actually make that eye round a steak?
  • What about the pineapple, can that be better than dry aging? Well there's only
  • one way to find out. I'm going to be front searing these steaks and then I'm
  • going to be cooking them in indirect heat, and don't forget the basting butter.
  • But now I say it's enough talking and it is time to cook them so let's do it!
  • Alright everybody we have our beautiful steaks right here. Angel are you ready to
  • try? Yeah. This okay let's be very clear so to set your expectations right. They
  • are not expensive wagyu they are regular steaks yeah, alright. OK. That way we
  • can judge it properly right all right. So here's the experiment these are all $1
  • steak. Now we are gonna judge and find out how much more it costs from a buck.
  • Makes sense? Okay all right what was that face so
  • you're not having a good expectation already. You just told me it's a one dollar steak!
  • It is a $1 steak. I had actual $1 steak before so...They didn't look like that right? No they didn't.
  • Alright, so we're gonna see how much more money they're worth in our opinion sounds good? Alright
  • go for the first one. We're gonna start this one here and then we're gonna go
  • Okay. Alright this will be the first one. Yes I did cut it real thin everybody huh,
  • it's like a thin sliced. Cheers! Cheers!
  • Yeah, this one cost $1.
  • I can't believe I'm chewing this much for such a thin slice.
  • Maybe 50 cents. Maybe, maybe.
  • Oh. What do you think Angel? Ah... I think would be great in a sandwich. Yeah with some ketchup and
  • cheese. Even though yeah ketchup and cheese.
  • Anything to mix it up. Something to give it a little more moisture. I think I think I cut a
  • little too thick. I think it needs to be even thinner than this for a sandwich.
  • Yeah for a sandwich yeah,I mean it's not that bad for a sandwich.
  • It's not it's not bad, I mean it's it's it's a
  • steak everybody. All right let's go for, you want try this one or this one?
  • This one okay . Let's just go in order. Let's just go in order.
  • What is that dry aged or something? Why are you saying? Cuz they're small as
  • hell. Ha, ha yes it is dry aged. You ready for it? Let's go. Alright
  • Wow
  • Dried aged.
  • Dry to the max aged.
  • There's zero juice on it.
  • This is not fun. This is not good everybody.
  • No.
  • I don't enjoy that. You? No.
  • I think that one got cheaper. I think this one here is a dollar and this one
  • here is 50 cents. You agree. Yeah I mean going from this one to this one yeah it
  • makes this one a lot better. This one is a lot better for sure. This one I have no idea...
  • What happens with this one here is the flavor hmm I feel that you feel that
  • dry agedness flavor? Yeah I have the dry flavor on it but it's like dry.
  • There's no juiciness, the tenderness is not there there is almost nothing there but you
  • can feel in the end after you eat it that little dry age is there. Yeah yeah
  • you could taste the dry aged a little bit but. In regards to flavor I think I
  • enjoyed this one a little bit more but because this one is so juicy it's. I mean
  • it's not even so juicier it's just this one's more juicy than this one so this
  • one tastes better than this one. I agree all right let's go for the last one
  • Angel. This one I can't put my finger on what you did. Well let's find out right
  • now this one's still juicy. They didn't get a lot of searing on the outside
  • though. It did not see her very well. That's one of the things with this
  • method you can't get a wonderful sear on it it. Looks more tender.It does look tender
  • Alright well look even the fibers are completely separating apart. Yeah.
  • Alright let's see. Let's try it.
  • Oh yeah. Oh yea.
  • No? mmm
  • You going for seconds. Yeah after all those dry steaks, some juiciness.
  • You going for seconds.
  • That's a good sign right there.
  • I think this is the winner. I agree 100%.
  • Yeap, yeah.
  • I'm going for seconds. This one is good! Way more tender mm-hmm way more juicy.
  • Definitely the winner everybody. Hmm. I consider this a steak. That's a good one.
  • That's a steak. This one's our steak, I think these are not steak these are kind
  • of like stew meat or something else.
  • Alright, so here's the deal
  • these are eye around steaks. Alright. This is just a regular eye round cooked as a steak.
  • Okay. And you can tell that it is a eye round everybody it is. This is
  • definitely a dollar steak right here. this was dry aged for 35 days.
  • We recommend dry aging an eye round? It is waste of your time.
  • The flavor is there
  • maybe if you want to dry aged it so that you can combine with another type of
  • meat to make burgers out of it so that you get the flavor of the dry aged on
  • your burger then it's recommendable. But you need
  • you need some fat though. Oh you need a lot of fat, you don't need some fat you need a lot of fat because
  • there is absolutely no juiciness on the steak it is dry but the nice little
  • flavor of dry aged is there in the end. In the end yeah it's got that little
  • aftertaste. I agree. This one right here was the pineapple Angel like we did our
  • first experiment. Uh pineapple is good man I've been telling you.
  • Pineapple works like a charm if you have never done the pineapple everybody
  • I recommend it. Now Angel if we have to judge we got steaks they're all one
  • dollar. Let's judge on price how much does this steak actually cost for you?
  • One dollar.I agree. How much does this one went. It's free.
  • This one is given to you for free. It was a sample steak. Yes sample steak that you
  • cut it on a butcher shop just to give it away for people to try. This is not good
  • whatsoever it is the very first time we ever done a dry-aged that it doesn't
  • taste good Angel. I think so yeah yeah very first time.
  • Pineapple steak from $1 to 50 bucks more or less how much do you give this steak?
  • 25. 25 bucks? Wow that's a lot of money. if they if I
  • go to a restaurant they give me the steak I'll eat it I'll be happy. If I go
  • to their restaurant I'm not gonna mention any names but I have been to
  • some restaurants that have steaks worse than this one here and they charged me
  • 15 to 18 bucks for a steak and this steak here is better
  • can tell you right now. I can't mention names but you know this is considered a
  • good let's just say it's not great but a good steak. Yeah. You agree. Yeah. It is not
  • great. Now if you have some side dishes with this if we have some amazing mashed
  • potatoes like some incredible pasta that we did with a... The mashed potatoes from from
  • the video of the salt video you did. Yeah from that one or you know if you have
  • not seen that video you got to check it out. But anything that complements a side dish this I can see
  • be worth 20 bucks to 25 bucks on a restaurant. Like just like you said if
  • you have a nice and amazing side dish. So and if you're gonna buy it on the store
  • on the supermarket definitely give it a try to the pineapple. That's what I
  • recommend. These are the results I hope you guys enjoyed this video, I hope it
  • was informative to you. I know you've been asking me Guga dry aged some
  • inexpensive meat. I did it does not work because you, for dry aging you gotta have
  • something. Because it concentrates the flavor it tenderizes the flavor but if
  • you got no nothing there, there's nothing here. Maybe maybe if you were to
  • cooked a little more raw. Now but then that would be like it would it would no
  • it wouldn't be bad for you. It just wouldn't work no matter what happens
  • this was cook at low temperature and then it's still pink in the middle.
  • It just it does not work everybody it does not work. There's your experiment
  • you guys asked for it I made it happen. If you have any other suggestions make
  • sure you comment down below. I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you do
  • enjoyed this video make sure to give it a thumbs up. If you're not a subscriber
  • be sure to subscribe for future videos. Remember if you're interested in
  • anything I use everything is always in the description down below. Thank you so
  • much for watching and we'll see you guys in the next one take care of buddy.
  • And don't dry age your eye round. No it is a waste of your time. Big time. Just grab some
  • pineapple you don't have to wait put it in there and you're good to go.
  • This was good. It's good. Those are uh good for dogs.
  • Good for the dogs the dogs will love them all. Now what do you say we cook
  • some picanha? We gotta go everybody take care. Bye bye
  • Picanha time baby. Let's do it!
  • Now we're talking. Now you are happy again. Now you got my mood back up.

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You asked for an affordable Dry Age experiment and today I deliver your request. Normally you dry age an expensive cut of meat as it takes time and patience to do. But after so many requests made I decided to make this video to see what would happen if I dry age a $1 dollar steak.

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