Can A Desert Be Reclaimed For Human Habitation?

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Can A Desert Be Reclaimed For Human Habitation?
Can A Desert Be Reclaimed For Human Habitation? thumb Can A Desert Be Reclaimed For Human Habitation? thumb Can A Desert Be Reclaimed For Human Habitation? thumb


  • The Gobi Desert Known to those who inhabit it as the yellow dragon
  • Covers a vast expand of
  • over 1 billion Kilometre squared
  • Over fifteen percent of China's landmass
  • It continue to spread
  • As the world's 5th largest desert
  • grows by a thousand kilometres squared each year
  • In China's northern region and inner Mongolia
  • Li hu jun lives a difficult life in this hostile environment
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  • Li hu Jun and his mother
  • have adapted to life in the desert
  • Their ancestors lived here generations before them
  • making out a living in this harsh environment
  • but despite their privatisation
  • his wife and daughter have left for the town
  • The inhabitants of the Gobi desert are leaving
  • in ever greater numbers
  • The Chinese state
  • has come to the aid of these climate change refugees
  • By putting in place the world's largest relocation programme
  • Today there are houses over 300 000 Chinese
  • The town neow meow on the outskirts of the desert
  • has a population of 7000
  • This is part of a network of 200 villages
  • built by the state

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The Gobi Desert's Sand Warriors: The Gobi desert in central China is becoming increasingly barren, forcing resident farmers and their families into towns, with serious ecological consequences.

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"The whole ecosystem is in danger", states Li Hong Jun, a Gobi resident. Though his family have left, Li refuses to abandon his ancestors' lifestyle. Despite horrific sandstorms and arid soil, Han Meifei is among those seeking to rejuvenate the land. His innovative procedures have developed ways of growing plants without water, preventing the dry desert from spreading, and preserving the seeds of plants close to extinction for a greener future.

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