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Can you solve this riddle?

⬇ We’ll post the answer in the comments! ⬇

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To talk about our preferences, we often use verbs such as love, like, don’t like or hate followed by a gerund (a verb form ending in -ing).

For example:
I really like studying English!

Try to write one sentence using each verb about your likes and dislikes and let us know in the comments.

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Looking for a quick way to practise your listening skills?

Try out this free activity! You’ll listen to two radio DJs talking about a band and then answer some multiple-choice questions.

Good luck! [ Camengli.sh Link ]

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Time for a game of … have you ever?

The rules are quite simple! Just take a look at the board and decide which of these activities you’ve done in your lifetime.

Calculate your points and let us know in the comments! Don’t forget to share some of the details with us too!

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“Spread your wings, expand your horizons. It’s a big world out there and this is your journey.”

Our qualifications are recognised by a record-breaking 25,000 organisations across the globe.

Take a look at our database and start your journey today: [ Camengli.sh Link ]

For every learner, every step of the way

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Emanuela Zilli
❄Have you ever heard of an acrostic poem?

❄An acrostic poem has certain letters which spell out a word vertically (typically the first letter of the word).

❄Here’s one for the word ‘winter’.

❄Can you see that the letters of the word ‘winter’ make the first letter of each new line?

❄Try writing your own poem using the letters from your first name and post it in the comments.

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Stop monkeying around and try our free monkey puzzles to test your English!

Available to download on iOS from the app store: [ Camengli.sh Link ]

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Explore our new exam updates for 2020

We have made some changes to our A2 Key, A2 Key for Schools, B1 Preliminary and B1 Preliminary for Schools exams.

This is to make sure they stay up to date with the latest research in language learning and teaching.

To see what’s changed, head to our website: [ Camengli.sh Link ]

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Listening is often a skill that language learners find difficult.

Luckily, we have some tips for when you’re doing the Listening paper in one of our exams.

Do you have any tips for improving your listening skills?
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Ghada Kh
If you’re a Spanish speaker, don’t forget to take a look at our Cambridge Assessment English Spain page.

Cambridge Assessment English Spain

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