Buying Used Things

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Buying Used Things
Buying Used Things thumb Buying Used Things thumb Buying Used Things thumb


  • I think buying used things is pretty great
  • Often times I'm not one to really care
  • If something is brand new as long as it still functions
  • As well as, or close to something that is new
  • One man's trash is another man's
  • Used, Trash.
  • I know everyone worries about being scammed
  • Or attacked but honestly most of my experiences with buying used things from strangers ( :
  • Have gone pretty smoothly.
  • Except This One.
  • And another one that I'll save for another time
  • I mean, If someone's trying to sell you a desk but they don't have any pictures of it
  • Then
  • I don't know? Don't risk it!
  • When I moved out from my parent's house, I left a Playstation 3 behind
  • Because it technically belonged to my sister.
  • But I owned a lot of the games
  • Which I brought with me
  • And by the time I moved out the only PS3's for sale
  • Were used ones
  • So I figured I check Kijiji
  • Which is an online classified ad service
  • Basically the Canadian version of Craig's List
  • Even though we have, also have Craig's List here
  • But Kijiji is better.
  • I actually bought my wii the same way a few years earlier
  • And the dude happened to be a fan
  • So I searched for playstation 3 and checked out what was available
  • I came across one for $230 which came with 2 controllers and like over 20 games
  • Most of which where like Fifa 2011 to 2069... I don't know
  • I don't really care much for them and so I thought I try haggling
  • Hi is this still available and if so could we negotiate on the price?
  • I'll think about it
  • How does 200 sound?
  • 215
  • Mh ok. I'll wait a bit
  • And then I tried the third party tactic
  • Hm well I'm looking at another seller and they're giving theirs for 200
  • Which was actually true, but they didn't have an extra controller and not over 20 games
  • That's why I'm trying to haggle for this one
  • 200 is good
  • Ho ho ho ho ho - gottem!
  • Awesome!
  • Actually I changed my mind $225
  • What the hell, how did you go from $230 to $215 to my negotiated price of $200 and then.. back higher to $225?
  • This person did not know how to haggle
  • Unless..
  • He saw through my bluff
  • *gasp*
  • But either way that counter offer didn't make sense
  • No deal.
  • Alright nevermind
  • OK
  • So I continued looking at other ads and offers and then about an hour later
  • He messages me again
  • You sure $215 isn't good?
  • Wha..
  • OK at this point I'm thinking he might be getting a little desperate, so I continued to play hard-to-get
  • No
  • OK I'll do $200 if you pick it up today
  • What is going on.. okay... I thought I was definitely dealing with a kid.
  • But hey, we finally agreed on a price.
  • Alright where can I meet you?
  • 248 Shimmer Street
  • When can you come?
  • eeh Is 9 ok?
  • A bit earlier maybe 8?
  • OK see you then.
  • OK
  • Do you want to see it working?
  • Yeah sure
  • So i head there later that night and 248 Shimmer street actually has two apartment buildings
  • A and B
  • I texted him and asked which one it is
  • Uh... it should be A
  • should be?
  • I don't want to know what your building should be as if it's dependant on unknown factors
  • I need to know your definitive location, so I can safely make this transaction
  • I was getting a bit nervous
  • A part of me thought I was getting get mugged, but then thought this
  • probably is just a kid who is just not responsible enough to know his own address
  • I go inside building A
  • I texted him saying I'm at the ground floor
  • and he replies that he's on his way down
  • 5 minutes past.. nothing
  • After 10 minutes I get a text
  • I don't see you?
  • This dumbass.. I don't see him either meaning he is probably in building B
  • So I head on over and go inside
  • I.. I still don't see him
  • And I'm expecting that kidney extracting shank in my body any second now
  • I'm in building B I don't see you either...
  • no I'm in A
  • W-What?
  • Was I blind? Was he blind?
  • Where are my kidneys.. OK still there.
  • I head back to building A
  • OK I'm here
  • I don't get a reply but after 5 minutes of waiting, he finally appears
  • It's a middle aged man
  • I'm gonna die.
  • Are you Cain with the PS3?
  • Yes yes. We will head upstairs to test it
  • We get to his apartment and he opens the door
  • Inside is a kid setting up the PS3
  • Cain, hurry up
  • Wha.. huh? I thought you were Cain? But you're also Ca..
  • My-My kidneys
  • Kid-Cain finally set up the PS3, tries to turn it on.. nothing happens
  • He tries again.. still nothing
  • Big Cain, which i assume to be his dad started getting a little irritated
  • I thought you said it worked, what's going on?
  • Dude that's my line
  • The tension was THIC with only one c because that's all that could fit
  • With the amount of tension in the room
  • Kid-Cain shuffles around behind the TV
  • Tries one more time
  • And it finally works
  • Both he and I let out a relieved sigh
  • Honestly at this point, I didn't even care if it worked
  • I just wanted to get out alive
  • In ONE piece
  • I said, cool
  • Kid Cain packs up the ps3
  • Puts it in a bag
  • And hands it over to me
  • I hand him the 200 dollars that we agreed upon, and hope papa Cain was also aware of and approved
  • His dad takes it from him, counts it, then nods
  • Okay, thank you
  • Yeah you're we-
  • Uh hee um pth uhh tsk-
  • Thanks!
  • And I leave
  • *Breathing rapidly and casually strolling backwards while getting the heck out of that place*
  • Relieved kermit's face
  • Worth it :)
  • Hey-o guys!
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