Buying Used Things 2

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Buying Used Things 2
Buying Used Things 2 thumb Buying Used Things 2 thumb Buying Used Things 2 thumb


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  • A few months ago I decided to get an office studio work in so I have a place for my soon to be local animator team
  • Also I realized how hard it was to work at home, because it got way to comfy at times
  • Especially when I had my bed litteraly two feet away from my desk
  • I'll be with you soon my love ♥
  • As some of you may have noticed over the years
  • I got additional help on my animations from my friends Jomm, Shho and Ehlboy
  • Person: "Wait a minute Dom, you're hear to tell me that to don't animate your videos all by yourself?"
  • Well.. yeah of course.
  • I wanted to try getting out videos more often, minus this past month because I was helping with setting up the gaming cafè
  • So I thought I get even more help to take on some of the load
  • Person: "Well that's lame. Too important to do everything yourself now, huh?"
  • Hehh?
  • Well I still write the scripts myself
  • And do the voiceovers
  • I still animate the scenes, but not the majority of it?
  • I'm sorry to shatter your vision of me?
  • Person : Yeah but, this other animator does everything by themself
  • Ok... but how often do they post?
  • Stranger: Once every four or five months
  • Huh! That's pretty scarce!
  • But understandable given the time and effort it takes to create a coherent animation by themselves
  • Person: Yeah, I get that, but I wished they posted more often...
  • (This Boi did not just said that)
  • Anyway...yeah, I wanted more aid on the videos
  • I was cool with my three friends from California helping me out, but sometimes the workload proved to be a lot for us.
  • I also thought it'd be nice to be physically around the other people working on the same project (creepy dom)
  • I've usually just been cooped up in my room, and I gotta admit, it was lonely at times. (The Struggles of being a youtube animator)
  • So I got an office,
  • Made a post I was hiring locally, hired some people
  • And realized I needed to get more equipment for them to work with
  • I currently work on a CINTIQ 13 HD as my main tablet-
  • -and thought, "That's probably more than enough for the others."
  • So I decided to check if anyone was selling any used cintiqs on Facebook Marketplace
  • and my favorite "Your junk, my jewel" platform, kijiji!
  • The Canadian Craigslist alternative
  • Person: [in very annoying voice] Wow Dom, why are you being cheap? Why don't you just buy a new one? Surely you could afford it with your millions of dollars!( Kids Now a days)
  • Well, surely I can afford to also save some money when I can, right?
  • The tablets are used but they work just fine
  • And my animators don't mind, right guys?
  • [awkward silence]
  • I managed to find four that were available, but they were all spread out around the Toronto area.
  • One was a 5 minute drive down the street where I live.
  • Another, was in Downtown Toronto,
  • Another, was at Seneca College.
  • The last one, wanted to meet at a Starbucks that was about 15 minutes away.
  • I asked when they were available at their earliest convenience
  • Downtown person was available the next day,
  • So I went and scooped it up on Friday.
  • The rest were free the day after.
  • The thing was, I had a dentist appointment Saturday morning,
  • which was a 40-minute drive away.
  • don't ask why it's so far.
  • And then I also scheduled the animators to come in later, at 1:00 PM.
  • But it kinda worked out because I could drive to Seneca College, and one of the other sellers on the way back to the office.
  • Now the Starbucks dude,
  • was a bit more complicated ;-;
  • Here's how THAT conversation went.
  • ^Hello! Is this still available?
  • [low starbucks voice] hI dOMinIC, yES thIS iS stILL availAbLE iF yoU'rE inTEResTEd
  • I am! When is your soonest convenient time to meet? And is cash okay?
  • I am away, but my daughter can meet at a Starbucks after 2:00 [PM] tomorrow. Are you close to the-
  • -Starbucks at [beep] and [beep]? Let me know and I'll sort out the details on our side. Cash is fine.
  • Sure, I can stop by after 2, I'm not too far from there.
  • Alright! After 2 should be doable!
  • I agreed to this because I needed to make sure I was at the office before 1, to let my team in
  • And then I could just head out real quick to pick up the tablet
  • I didn't get an update until Saturday morning (wow ._.)
  • GREAT!
  • She will be there at 2:00!
  • OK
  • So, I didn't know AFTER 2 mean AT 2
  • But I thought it'd likely wouldn't be a problem
  • I kinda got lost around the Seneca campus
  • Because the girl's directions were a bit confusing
  • And so thay meeting got a little delayed since we had trouble looking for each other
  • Because THAT was late, I got to the other seller later than I wanted
  • Which meant I also got to the office later than I wanted (the people are dying)
  • Once i did i still needed sometime to set things up for my animators
  • And knew i coudn't make it for 2:00
  • didn't get a replay for twenty minutes
  • Here's the thing
  • If you don't want to disclose your personol infomation to a stranger, I get that, That's Fair
  • but it would be also fair if you atleast promptly
  • (Sorry for not doing all of it i greatly aplogish for this i'm a ten year old boy)
  • Captions By: joshuaktanki

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