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  • Hey guys, it's Rae here! Welcome back to my channel.
  • So as you guys know,
  • I did a video where I picked out all of my art supplies completely blindfolded and I made a drawing from that.
  • I have a feeling this one is green. So I'm gonna throw this one in.
  • And since I made that video it's been so highly requested that I do that exact same thing, except buy my supplies.
  • So yeah as the title states, we're gonna go in. I have my buddy here.
  • *Vintage video game music*
  • And yeah, I'm gonna buy my art supplies completely blindfolded so yeah, without further ado let's get into it.
  • Okay, guys, so here we are. We're at
  • I'm really nervous because there's so many people here and like, at any point in time
  • somebody could just like walk by so I'm gonna go ahead and pick out,
  • I'm gonna pick out one of these sketchbooks completely blindfolded and yeah, we'll just see how it goes.
  • Okay, so sketchbooks, okay, so I kind of know the layout but not really.
  • Oh, this one feels nice. I feel like this one's watercolor. *bursts out laughing* Is this watercolor?
  • Ooh, this one feels nice.
  • I feel like this one is the same one.
  • (Jessie): No, it's not and the cover came off.
  • -Oh! The cover? -Yeah.
  • Why does it have a cover?
  • Well - and by the way guys, we're gonna clean up afterwards.
  • *Exhales deeply*
  • Strathmore.
  • Look at this one!
  • Cool.
  • which is, if you could please pan over to the
  • Maybe I'll do some other stuff too, but uh,
  • yeah.
  • And by the way, I haven't looked at the colored pencils, like I haven't studied them or anything like that. So, yeah.
  • I kind of haven't memorized.
  • This one.
  • Maybe like an orange!
  • You know, let's just, like, get the whole rainbow.
  • So got a white. *laughs*
  • (Jessie): No.
  • Okay.
  • Okay, I gotta use like my spidey senses, you know,
  • -Jessie, where are you? -Right here.
  • Okay, so we're gonna...
  • right in this general area. All pencils.
  • Pencils?
  • (Jessie): Okay, and I'll move you over to the colored pencils.
  • This whole area, colored pencils.
  • Okay, thank you.
  • *ding*
  • These probably feel good.
  • (Jessie): Mm-hmm.
  • (Jessie): Right there.
  • -These are erasers? -Yep.
  • Erasers. Umm...
  • Oh!
  • (Jessie): Go back, down, to the right.
  • -To the right? -No, your left.
  • (Jessie): Highlight, as in the white.
  • -Is there a white mark, uh, white pen? -White pen, let me look.
  • -White section? -Okay, white pens.
  • *Rae laughing*
  • -Are they just in a -? -That, that three right there, no, yes.
  • What else do we need? Are there regular pencils anywhere?
  • (Jessie): Like drying or regular?
  • -No, just regular. -Okay great, give me your hand.
  • -You can please lead me to the regular pencils. -Okay, and I'm gonna...right there.
  • -Okay, in this general region? -Yeah, right there.
  • -Is this one? -No.
  • (Jessie): Down to your left.
  • -Yes. -These are regular pencils?
  • -Yeah. -I'm gonna be spending so much money!
  • -I think we got everything we need. I got colored pencils, right? -Yes.
  • Ha!
  • *sighs in relief*
  • Oh!
  • Oh, wow, I'm gonna be spending so much money, more money than I ever thought.
  • Hey, what's up, how's it going? So in case you guys did not pick up on that hot mess that was me at Hobby Lobby,
  • *sips* Ah!
  • we'll go ahead and review everything
  • right now. And to be quite frank here,
  • I didn't see all what I got either because I get so awkward in public.
  • Like first of all, I hate people. Second of all, I don't like people staring at me.
  • So as soon as I got the supplies, I was out of there man.
  • So this first product it probably is gonna be very hard to see because it's literally white on white paper. And
  • it looks so fancy, like the paper is super-thick which I'm very excited for, you know, we like it thicc here.
  • And the total price on this baby was
  • $14.99.
  • Next up in the game is a product I have never used before,
  • I feel like I'm the only artist here on YouTube who has never used these before.
  • And I guess you could say these are like a cult classic here on YouTube. These are the white Gelly Roll gel pens.
  • Oh sorry, my dog hair.
  • I've never gotten around to using these because I used the ones from Amazon that are just a little bit cheaper
  • and from what I can see on the reviews, these are a little bit less white than the ones that I use,
  • so yeah, why don't we test these babies out for right now?
  • So we'll go ahead and do a swatchity swatchity.
  • Which I mean, right off the bat, that swatch -
  • ooh! She is not looking good.
  • And I don't mean to be rude, I use this from Dollar Tree, you can get two of them for one dollar,
  • and right off the bat you can definitely, definitely tell a difference between
  • the two pens.
  • *Guitar music*
  • Oh god, what are these? Man, these are expensive!
  • I got these Faber-Castell graphite pencils, which are very pricey,
  • these are $6.99 for three.
  • Now the reason they are so expensive and so pricey
  • is because these are specialty pencils. They're not no basic pencil.
  • So for example, whenever you compare this 8B pencil to just like a regular everyday pencil,
  • the Faber-Castell ones are MUCH darker in comparison as you can see so, you know,
  • I was a little shook at the price but you know, for specialty pencils that work like this all the time,
  • I can see it.
  • Uh, let's see.
  • Why did I get multiple pencils?
  • Apparently I got not -
  • I honestly have no recollection of getting these but apparently I got these AND these.
  • And these are just like the regular Hobby Lobby pencils. So of course, these are gonna be hella cheap at a whopping
  • $3.99.
  • So yeah, that's cool. I could always use some more pencils.
  • Uh, okay, so next up - oh. Oh, oh oh oh, okay so next up, apparently I got a kneaded eraser at some point.
  • And for me personally, I'm not a fan of kneaded erasers. Like, I like a nice hardcore sturdy eraser,
  • you know what I'm sayin'? To give you guys an example,
  • the last time I used a kneaded eraser was I think in college sometime, you know, so it's been a few years.
  • I got a bunch of random Prismacolors
  • which I mean, can we appreciate this color? Oh, she is fine. Who is she though?
  • Who is she?
  • This color is hot pink and ooh, she is so pretty!
  • And yeah, it looks like I got some pretty interesting colors. This was $2.00?
  • Oh my god.
  • This one single Prismacolor was $2.00. Why did I buy single? I should have just bought this -
  • *inhales*
  • Girl, okay.
  • And then lastly, for the grand finale if you will, is a product that I
  • have been very much putting off. In fact, I was gonna make a whole entire video based on this product alone,
  • and these are...
  • Oh! These are watercolor pencils. Oh, I thought these were just the regular pencils.
  • Just see, I'm telling you guys, like I didn't get a good chance to look at everything,
  • I'm just now finding out these are watercolor pencils.
  • So as you guys know, Fine Touch, Master's Touch, it's basically like the equivalent to Great Value except for Hobby Lobby.
  • Fine Touch and Master's Touch are basically the brands that are supposed to be cheaper than the name-brand,
  • but I mean, girl?! $60 for the Hobby Lobby brands? It's more than the actual name-brand!
  • *Pac-man "ghost" sound effect*
  • You know what I'm saying? That's like if these were more expensive than the actual Clorox. You know what I'm saying,
  • like something doesn't add up.
  • But yeah, for all of these supplies that I got here we spent a total of
  • $80.70, which is a little bit pricey, you know, I'm not gonna lie, but we got all this stuff. So
  • yeah, with that being said, let's go ahead and get started shall we?
  • Okay, so first things first, I'm gonna start off with a sketch,
  • of course using just the regular Hobby Lobby brand #2 pencils.
  • And those pencils, by the way, they are so good. I was so surprised
  • with how good they were! If you have a Hobby Lobby I highly recommend picking them up because man, they're GOOD!
  • *Background music*
  • So yeah, the next part of the process is drawing with the colored pencils, specifically the watercolor pencils that I got.
  • *Music continues*
  • And pretty much immediately, you're probably thinking the same thing I'm thinking:
  • where's the pigment though?
  • Yeah, it's like really weird. These pencils have no pigment in them
  • unless you press really hard, pretty much like breaking the pencil trying to get color out of these.
  • But the good thing is, is that they're watercolor pencils so I can just melt them down.
  • Right?
  • Well, not really because once I started to actually wet them down, I started getting this like really weird,
  • I don't know what paint it was, but it sure ain't watercolor. It was like this weird Tempera thick
  • paint that just was not melting whatsoever. So I
  • was really frustrated. About an hour in, I'm looking at this thing and I'm like wow, this thing is looking NA-STY!
  • Like, I can't show this to you guys,
  • like, I can't. Like, this art is just not gonna work out, like, I'm not gonna put this on my channel with 800,000 subscribers.
  • So it's time to scrap it.
  • *60s Batman music*
  • Okay, so we are ready for round 2. You know, just because the first time it didn't work out, that's okay.
  • I'm not gonna give up.
  • So thus, round 2 baby! This time I know not to use the water,
  • I know I'm gonna have to press hard and I'm gonna keep it simple. So I'm just gonna draw a hummingbird.
  • *Classical music*
  • Okay, so now that the colored pencil portion is done as much as it could be, you guys thought I forgot about the Gelly Roll
  • but I did not forget about the Gelly Roll.
  • Since there's not that much pigment in these watercolor pencils, the white's not going to do much for highlights
  • so that's where the Gelly Roll comes in.
  • Oh no, it's not going over. Oh no!
  • Okay, never mind. Just kidding.
  • This is not gonna work over the - it usually does work over wax, I mean you have to be really careful
  • but I mean, I don't know, these pencils man. I don't know what's up with them. So
  • anyway, this is what I have managed to come up with. Just like a little simple drawing of a honeybird, huh, honey.
  • Hummingbird.
  • And even though this one's cute, as you guessed I'm not happy with it.
  • Like, the pigment just isn't there. It looks like a washed out version of one.
  • So thus, we're gonna do one last one.
  • *SpongeBob music*
  • Yeah, no. Just kidding, I hate it, I hate these pencils, I hate everything about them, I hate the fact that they can't blend,
  • I hate the fact that they cannot layer with each other
  • and the fact they're $60, so...
  • yeah, it's time to do one last and final drawing WITHOUT the terrible watercolor,
  • for the FOURTH time by the way.
  • But you know, that's what you get for buying your art supplies
  • completely blindfolded, you get something that's just terrible. So with that being said guys,
  • thank you so much again for watching and I will see you guys next video. Bye!
  • *End music*

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