Building My AMG G63 at the Factory!

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21:52   |   Jun 13, 2019


Building My AMG G63 at the Factory!
Building My AMG G63 at the Factory! thumb Building My AMG G63 at the Factory! thumb Building My AMG G63 at the Factory! thumb


Let's see my new AMG G63 for the very first time on the assembly line at the G Class factory in Austria! Not only that, but also having the opportunity to have a small part in the build of it before experiencing the most extreme off-roading ride possible in a Mercedes G on the legendary Schöckl mountain. What a day!

Upon arrival at Mercedes-Benz G at Magna-Steyr in Graz, Austria, it's immediately into the production facility to see the assembly line process from the beginning through to where my car can be found further down the line. From the start the body shells arrive onto the line, with the engines as we saw at AMG in Affalterbach also arriving onto the powertrain line simultaneously. Further along the cars take shape including the marriage moment and installation of many components, before it's finally time to see my G63!

Recognisable instantly to me in my chosen spec; with the metallic black paintwork but mostly distinguished for the silver calipers and upgraded leather interior, the car is already in a fairly completed state as we get to look around it. As explained before, the car is ordered in black but will be visiting Topaz Detailing to receive a Topaz Skin in Cerulean Blue with navy accents for the wheel flares, spare wheel and bumpers.

With the car on the line, I am also given the opportunity to install the steering wheel, air bag, and fender badges before it continues along! The next time I'm going to see this car will be when it's all completed, in the UK, and ready for delivery ahead of the journeys in store with it.

However, that's not all for the day! Next up is a visit to the Schöckl mountain, the famous location where all G Class models have always been tested and pushed to their limits. For this we're onboard a G500 and you have to wait and see just what it's capable of, I never expected how easily it could absolute eat up the terrain.

Stay tuned for more coming with the G63, there are big plans ahead!

Thanks for watching, Tim

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