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Bubble Witch Saga posted on Nov 24, 2017

Bubble Witch 2 Saga

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Bubble Witch Saga
Annet Eben
Tammy Skellett-Kwandibens
Terry Rosales
Yvonne Holland
Bubble Witch Saga posted on Oct 06, 2017

Bubble Witch Saga

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Bubble Witch Saga
Erin Greenhill
Lesley Parkhouse
Emmelina Ogilvy
Janet Machin
It’s a cat’s tale! ✨ We partnered with @AaronsAnimals to turn a fan’s feline into the inspiration behind this production. ⬇

Aaron's Animals

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Mireille Killingbeck
Barbara Bean Kuhn
Joann Brown
William Carter
Elke Reineke D'Onofrio

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Lina Rigatti
Judy Williams
Linda Valin
Maria Rosa Alvarez
Beatriz Coronado Castan
✨ Wands up! Zach King is LIVE!
And is here to play a real life version of Bubble Witch 3 Saga

Zach King

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Venicia Tofanelli
Carmela Filangeri
Graça Aparecida Lascas
Paula McKinley
Anthony Cook
Calling all witches! Mario Lopez is coming to a TV screen near you as the host of the Candy Crush TV Show! #ItsCandyTime

Candy Crush Saga

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Alexsandra Spiller
Zdenka Janka
Abdolrahman Shargawi
Leoneia Ferreira
CanSu CuzDan
Bubbles, a magic wand, and beautiful Vanessa Hudgens are the perfect ingredientes for a spellbinding evening.

Are you too working your magic on #BubbleWitch3?

Timeline Photos

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Rafa Splendens
Helen Brake
Siggi Zimmer
Vincent Mélançon
Helen Brake
Didn't we say this cat really ✨works his magic✨?

Aaron's Animals

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Dana Downs
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Danielle Lebon
Chris Williams

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Abdullatif Ceyhan
How to trick an evil cat


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Simone Muster
Jo Akers Burt
Lynn McCarthy
Leanne Greenlees