Brutal Friendzone Posts

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Sep 02, 2017


Brutal Friendzone Posts
Brutal Friendzone Posts thumb Brutal Friendzone Posts thumb Brutal Friendzone Posts thumb


  • whoa... it looks like I have a boyfriend, but it's just my best friendhhhhhhhhhh.
  • Don't mind the blur lol.
  • someone needs to come save me from this boredom. Please.
  • I will where you at.
  • busy (she thicc af)
  • Oh.
  • charmed bought me a new car for my bday. He really loves me lol nice car charm
  • You're the best BFF. Thanks for buying me this beautiful car. I love it. You're welcome, lol
  • How do you like it your new car I love it, so sexy. Thank you very much lol charm
  • Thanks for buying this car for my girlfriend. You're the best you should drop subtle hints to your crush if he's smart
  • He will know oh, okay. You want to know my crush. Yeah read the first word again
  • Wow, you is the Chinese bloc 100!(HA FRIEND ZONDED
  • I don't know many female friends that have a straight male friend who asks them to go clothes shopping
  • Lucky me by the way. He's single ladies
  • Lol a moment of silence for our fallen comrade guy asked if I put him in the friendzone
  • I was like whoa slow down there
  • I'll have sex with you
  • But friendship is a serious commitment baking cookies brownies and rice krispie treats with my best friend
  • Friendzone level 9000 you're so cute short a you're cuter doh. You are like the sweetest boy. I know
  • Honestly and like a dad to me wait what I would say you're like a brother
  • But I feel you are more like a dad to me because how sweet you are
  • And here Charles. It looks like we are on a date, so no me and Melanie are not in a relationship
  • It was a joke however. I do appreciate all the support for it jerk. Lol I
  • Guess everyone wants us together Melanie, and her I guess so we can't disappoint them
  • Lol how a yes, we can are I wanna go see the Muppets date night
  • Bestfriend night woo patter there goes my ego, right out the window Annika. That's funny. I wasn't even wearing makeup today
  • Well hey they have good taste at least had a rhino right. Yup, so how's your day going, beautiful? It's good
  • Do you need me to walk you back walk me back back to that friendzone?
  • You just tried to escape from so just arrived here in Jersey and Scott has this setup
  • Have the bestest friend ever I love you
  • It's official just for anyone wondering. This is a friendship engagement. The official friend zone logo
  • What sort of friendzone? Sometimes when there's no one to flirt with I flirt with you just to practice
  • This is not even friendzone your work experience
  • You know he's your best friend when he paints your nails fourth of July themed and he's not gay
  • He isn't my boyfriend, but I love his hug his smile his advices love his kindness and all the times we laughed together
  • I guess I fell in love with our friendship whoever this dude
  • Is he has hit the maximum level of friendzone broke through the roof and kept going into space. Thank you bro for my gifts
  • I love them, but I'm most thankful for your friendship for always being there for me. I went to Jared, lol
  • Let's be something more than friends. What's best friends? No. I mean something more than that
  • Mega best friends this is how you do it. He comes to my house at midnight to wish me a happy birthday
  • I am so blessed to have such great friends. Thank you so so so much Jonathan Ellie before I die
  • I want to be shut up with a kiss, okay, I will no no not you
  • I'm so deep in the friendzone that she sends me mutes for approval before they go out to other guys getting a pedicure from my
  • Best guy friend ever now if only I can find a boyfriend like this side beset with Aaron texts me good morning
  • Princess every morning and even though. He's just my best friend. It feels good
  • The only female who haven't told me the line you are like a brother to me as my own sister now for something
  • Different I know you're beautiful however. Not simply how you look but for who you are
  • I've known you for a little less than two years
  • And I've learned a lot about your heart your cell your core who you are on the inside
  • Thanks super nice buddy. Thank you Derek, and I got matching tattoos my handwriting on him and is on me
  • I love it friends for life. I love you Walmart. Thank You Anna and we like you too
  • Just friend-zoned me
  • I'm so deep in the friendzone that I've met her boyfriend's parents what I only friendzoned you because you are too perfect
  • That makes no sense
  • You'd make a better husband and boyfriend
  • And I wanted to keep you around until the time was right if we ever dated and broke up
  • I'd hate to lose you forever all girls keep the good ones around until the time is right
  • Cody brought his little brothers all dressed up over to my house to surprise me with all my gifts
  • Then took me out for dinner. I guess you could say I have a greatest best friend alive
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Sometimes our crush just isn't into it. Here are some examples of people who tried just a little too hard to get out of the friendzone and it didn't end up well for them. Narrated by Cowbelly.

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