Broiled Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Broiled Chocolate Chip Cookies
Broiled Chocolate Chip Cookies thumb Broiled Chocolate Chip Cookies thumb Broiled Chocolate Chip Cookies thumb


  • Yes, I broil my chocolate chip cookies.
  • It’s weird, but it works. I’ll show you.
  • The dough is just a variation on the old familiar recipe.
  • Two sticks of salted butter,
  • not softened, but melted all the way down.
  • This gets me a denser, chewier texture.
  • Then, not a cup and a half, but two full cups of sugar.
  • The extra sugar is more for the texture than for sweetness.
  • It’ll also make these chewier.
  • And then, a little glug of molasses.
  • No, I don’t measure it out. It’s too sticky.
  • I’d lose half of it in the spoon.
  • And yes, this is what I do instead of keeping brown sugar in my house.
  • See, you mix it up, and voila — it's brown sugar.
  • A glug of vanilla — I don’t measure that either.
  • Then two whole eggs go in and you mix it until smooth.
  • Not one, but two teaspoons of salt.
  • Extra salt in cookies is delicious.
  • A teaspoon of baking soda, and then bread flour.
  • I thought using high-protein flour would get me a chewier texture.
  • I don’t think that it really does.
  • But it does give me a smoother texture that I like.
  • It’s hard to describe.
  • I start with two cups of the flour,
  • and then add more until I like the texture.
  • This was about two-and-half cups of flour, total.
  • I like it when the dough looks wet, but it’s actually not very sticky.
  • See how it’s pulling away from my fingers there?
  • If you like your cookies thinner, then put in less flour.
  • Then I refrigerate the dough for at least a half hour.
  • It’s easier to work with cold, and it’ll spread less as it bakes.
  • That can be a problem when you use melted butter.
  • The cookie might spread too thin
  • if you haven't chilled the dough before you bake.
  • You could, at this point,
  • just shape the dough into little golf balls
  • and bake them at 375 Fahrenheit for about 12 minutes.
  • They would come out like this.
  • I like when they’re slightly underdone.
  • I like that texture, especially after it’s thoroughly cooled.
  • But I don’t like how that makes them look.
  • I don’t like this pale, slightly gray hue on the underdone middle.
  • So this is my solution to that problem.
  • I form the dough into a golf ball,
  • and then I smash it down into a hockey puck.
  • That is parchment paper I’m putting them on, by the way.
  • It’s great. There's no sticking,
  • and you don’t have to wash the sheet pan afterward.
  • Then I put the hockey pucks under the broiler
  • until their tops are just golden — about a minute.
  • You’ve got to take them out before they burn,
  • and then turn the oven to its baking mode
  • and give the broiler a minute to cool down.
  • Then the cookies go back in for 10 or 12 minutes.
  • As they spread,
  • you’ll see cracks opening up in that formerly smooth, set surface.
  • I like how cracks those look,
  • and you can judge the doneness of the cookie
  • by looking down into those little fissures.
  • There, you can really see the cosmetic difference.
  • The broiler cookies just look nicer, in my opinion,
  • but they still have that same slightly underdone center
  • that is gooey when hot and chewy when cooled.
  • You could broil multiple pans of cookies in succession, by the way,
  • and then put them all in the oven together to bake.
  • So, do you do anything unconventional
  • with your chocolate chip cookie recipe?
  • Let me know about it, and let me know if you try this.
  • Let me know if it works for you.

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Broiled Chocolate Chip Cookies

Two sticks salted butter
Two cups sugar
Tablespoon molasses
Two eggs
Tablespoon vanilla extract
Two teaspoons salt
Teaspoon baking soda
Two-and-a-half cups bread flour
12-ounce bag chocolate chips

Melt the butter completely before mixing in the sugar, molasses, eggs and vanilla until smooth. Mix in the baking soda and two cups of the flour. Add more flour until dough appears wet but is not terribly sticky. Refrigerate dough for at least 30 min.

Pre-heat oven to 375 Fahrenheit.

Form the chilled dough into balls the size of golf balls. Smash them into the shapes of hockey pucks and place them on parchment-lined baking sheets. This should yield about 18 big cookies, spread across three pans.

Turn on the broiler and broil the tops of the cookies, one pan at a time on a high rack, until golden. Return the oven to 375 on its baking mode, allow the broiler to cool for a moment, then bake the cookies for 10-12 minutes.

I don't like weighing or measuring things if I don't have to, and I don't like to be constantly checking a recipe as I cook. I don't care that volume is a bad way of measuring things — it's usually easier. I like for a recipe to get me in the ballpark, and then I like to eyeball and improvise the rest. If you're like me, my goal with these videos is to give you a sense of how the food should look and feel as you're cooking it, rather than give you a refined formula to reproduce.

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