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Ramsay Kerr is a British entrepreneur who was inspired to learn Mandarin when he visited the country when he was 16. Here he talks about how speaking the language helped him break down his preconceptions about a person.

Who have you been able to meet through learning a foreign language and what did you learn about them? [ Youtu.be Link ]

Find out more about the Mandarin Excellene Programme...

Mandarin stories: Ramsey Kerr, entrepreneur

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“What I love about living here in China is that I’m able to really see history before my eyes. Being able to see things like the Great Wall and knowing how significant it is and being able to have that in your back yard I think is amazing.”

Nishat Ali says that mastering Mandarin Chinese gave her the feeling that she could learn any other language in the world. Has learning a foreign language...

Mandarin stories: Nishat Ali.

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English Learner Learner
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These three low-preparation activities for teachers of English help learners to communicate their ideas about audio or written texts, conversation topics and images.
[ Britishcouncil.org Link ] #EducationDay

Three ways to see what learners know in the English language classroom | British Council

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Teacher Siham Bouzourene tells us how she turned plastic bottles into learning tools for her primary English language class at the British Council in Algeria. [ Britishcouncil.org Link ] #EducationDay

Five ways to re-use plastic bottles in a primary class | British Council

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'Whether it is a look, a gesture, or physical distance, dig a bit deeper before jumping to conclusions about a learner's behaviour.' Chia Suan Chong shares advice on teaching English language to learners from a different culture.

[ Britishcouncil.org Link ] #EducationDay

Make your English language lesson work for learners from a different culture | British Council

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Find out how teachers and students at Glan-y-Mor School and Richmond Park Primary School in Wales work on global goals projects in partnership with Moyeni High School in Lesotho . [ Youtu.be Link ]

Read more about #ConnectingClassrooms: [ Bit.ly Link ] #UKAid #EducationDay

Connecting Wales and Lesotho: our partnership experience

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'Classes can be held on the boat, at the beach, at the tree-house, under the trees or at the jetty.'

Rahmat Hidayat, coordinator of the Floating School in Indonesia, tells his experience of education by boat. [ Britishcouncil.org Link ] #EducationDay

I teach on a floating school | British Council

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In the spirit of inspiring creativity, we invited a group of children from the island of Mauritius to learn about using computer coding to tackle real-world environmental problems. We took the micro:bit to the beach to inspire the next generation of digital programmers and makers.
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Computer coding with micro:bit in Mauritius

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Join this free online course to find out what you need to know about the IELTS Writing test and learn techniques and strategies to improve your test performance.
[ Futurelearn.com Link ]

Learn How to Succeed in Your IELTS Writing Test - FutureLearn

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Last October, we joined forces with the Department of Industry and Tourism Ise City to invite six UK-based artists to Japan on a unique artistic research residency in Ise City, home of the Ise Shrine, one of the most prestigious Shinto shrines in Japan.

The two-week residency provided the artists with a rare experience to encounter the beauty of Japanese culture and its tradition, explore...

Ise City Artist Residency

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