Hi I'm Bridgit Mendler :) Diving music video is out now!

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Bridgit, it's been quite a while, but you really enjoyed your birthday 3 weeks ago, and a great new year last week. So far, 2020 will be a cool year.
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Happy Birthday Bridgit Mendler
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Happy Birthday Bridgit!
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Happy Birthday.
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Hi Bridget Congrats on just getting married this October. I wish you & Griffin well on a happy and healthy marriage & a years of love & happiness. Happy Holidays to you both
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Hello beautiful !!!
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Dear Bridgit,
I am reaching out to you as an Ambassador of Save the Children.
Most of us had the privilege of a save and happy childhood - too many children do not have this privilege:
- 420m children live in war zones
- 165m children do not have enough food
- Every fifth child worldwide does not have any access to education
In the context of the „Future leader’s fundraising challenge“ at...

Their lives in our Hands

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Me encanta tu música
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