Brexit: Endgame - The $20T Secret, with Stephen Fry

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00:00   |   May 18, 2019


Brexit: Endgame - The $20T Secret, with Stephen Fry
Brexit: Endgame - The $20T Secret, with Stephen Fry thumb Brexit: Endgame - The $20T Secret, with Stephen Fry thumb Brexit: Endgame - The $20T Secret, with Stephen Fry thumb

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How will wealthy Brexiteers profit from Brexit? The surprising truth about the world's most secretive tax network for the wealthy.

Plus, we hand the Brexit Party a rather unfortunate award.

Voiced by Stephen Fry.

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The Financial Secrecy Index ranks jurisdictions according to their secrecy and the scale of their offshore financial activities. A politically neutral ranking, it is a tool for understanding global financial secrecy, tax havens or secrecy jurisdictions, and illicit financial flows or capital flight.

Immigrants contributed £20bn to the UK between 2000-2011, paying 64% more in taxes than they received in benefits.
Study by UCL Professor Christian Dustmann and Dr Tommaso Frattini, published by the Royal Economic Society in The Economic Journal.

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