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Millions of Americans have bought Crystal Geyser spring water at Walmart... well the maker of the bottled water have dumped 23,000 gallons of arsenic byproducts collected over 15 years in an “Arsenic Pond” with 8x the toxic limit... and later dumped into California waterways. The fine? Merely $5 million. Walmart should also be held accountable for not caring that Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring...

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Fantastic cancer news - the national cancer death rate has fallen faster than ever before! And they expect the trend to continue. Hooray!!!

Let’s thank scientists ‍ ‍ at leading universities for inventing the new treatments and leaders in Congress who support cancer research funding.

Director of the National Cancer Institute: “new immunotherapy treatments and so-called targeted therapies...
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Breast cancer linked to permanent hair dye and chemical hair straighteners in a study of 50,000 women. And the risks are even higher in black women who use them.

While some might say correlation isn’t causation — remember every causation exists as a correlation. And smoking-cancer was such an association for over 30 years too until more advanced studies on DNA damage confirmed it. Thus,...

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In 2018:

Johnson & Johnson CEO made $30M

Pfizer CEO made $28M

Merck & Co CEO made $18M

Eli Lilly CEO made $16M

Gilead CEO made $16M


Americans spent $535B on Rx drugs

1/4 of diabetics rationed insulin to survive

500K Americans went bankrupt from medical bills.

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Remind your family and friends to get covered for 2020 at ==> healthcare.gov

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What’s the right price patients should pay for medications? ZERO dollars, because no copay == more patients get their medicine == saves lives and saves money. Copays decrease adherence, and copays hurt patients who actually need them.

Yet, America has the highest rate of skipping drugs -- 1 in 6 patients!!! It’s shameful how much Americans have to skip their prescription medicine compared to...

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Pharma has tucked a hidden gem for themselves / big poop for patients in NAFTA 2.0 -- it’s quite disgusting, and would screw patients forever (by blocking future drug reform) if it stands!

NAFTA 2.0 (aka USMCA) requires all signers to give pharma corporations at least a 10-year monopoly period on biologic drugs, which they often price at over $100,000 per person per year. This is referred to...

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A shocking new lawsuit charges Gilead Sciences unfairly abused patents on a pair of #HIV prevention pills and unfairly reaping hundreds of millions of dollars from research funded by taxpayers!!! Gilead charge patients $21,000 a year for its drugs.

The drug patents are publicly held by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which helped fund academic research into HIV prevention that...

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To those who don’t believe the new Tylenol-autism science , ask oneself why you would doubt Johns Hopkins research and NIH news announcements, whenever Big pharma is the real culprit who have neglected to tell you the dangers.

A new study from researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health has found that exposure to acetaminophen in the womb may increase a child's risk...

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New drug pricing numbers from the non-partisan CBO, which just scored the new House drug reform bill (also endorsed by both Pelosi and Trump, remarkably):

1) It will lower drug prices by 55%
2) It will directly save patients $158 Billion in out-of-pocket costs
3) it will save Medicare $345 Billion between 2023 and 2029 (see CBO link below)

So it saves patients money, Pelosi+Trump are for...

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