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The premier source for Apple + Tech reviews, tutorials, jailbreak tweaks & news since 2008!

Formerly (and always) known as bbsipodtouchhelp, I built this channel on my passion for Apple's iPod Touch & the endless possibilities that came with it via Jailbreak.

This was one of the first channels on YouTube to upload a jailbreak tutorial & was the VERY FIRST channel to show how to get free paid apps (9.7m views, deleted).

After much success over the years, a big change came in June of 2016, when the name of this channel changed from bbsipodtouchhelp to Brandon Butch.

The re-branding made me feel...free. I now feel like I don't have to produce videos strictly on Apple or the iPod Touch (which I don't even use anymore). Also, you get to see my face more often!

Business Inquiries: ibrandon2526[at]gmail.com

Brandon Butch
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