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I cant't believe they jumped on this lady like that. IDGAF what she did or said.. Let it hada been my grandma I'd shut that bit down! You hear me? What do yall think?

Woman SLAMMED at Popeyes

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Kimberly Braddy
Beverly George
Albert Keith Kebo Barnett
Kash Mere
Jaeemi Antony
She said she had some treats for me... but I'm about to cut her off. Only serial killers cut their fruits like this. Don messed up a perfectly good fruit. And what's up with these fruit roll ups? What kind of combination is that? Yeah she's a serial killer right ... gotta be...I'm gone!


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Jess Moorr
Colette Allan
Daniel Fernandez
Nickey Davis
Rhyue Jumal Sauls
Bitcho bed on the flo!
Bitcho bed on the flo!
Bitcho bed on the flo!
Stop ✋Is that a roach ‍♂
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Fellas I don't know what's going on and what time we're in but we are going to have to PROTECT our ladies.
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I text back, dont drink. Eat pussy from the back. I'm broke broke but my thang work. It's small small but I can go all night. I know how to read. I listenand dont talk back.. oh And I know how to stfu when you say stfu!

I'm ready where my Bae !
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Nita Pahtayken
Albina Iskandarova
After 11 months into a relationship ....
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Dulinda Campbell
Esperanza Gonzales
Martha Reidy
Alishia Keepsitcute
Meme Marie Jones
Good morning!
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Priscilla Marie Perez
Michael Clark
Billy Malik
Made her change her plans when she bent over the bed
Now she on the balcony pint over the ledge
Been a few days, but I sent over some bread
It can get rough with tuition and rent over your head
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Bernie Markee
Merrychrimuh bay beh! You sure did treat me nice!
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Bernie Markee
Her: Welcome to popeyes would you like to try-
Me: You know why TF I'm here! Let me get 2 of em, 1 spicy!
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