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Zoe was born with no arms but has defied the odds by learning how to play baseball ⚾

The 12-Year-Old Armless Baseball Player

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Carreen Huizar
Gale Hayward Kaffka
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Stephanie Alicia Grant
Grace has Down Syndrome, but that didn't stop her becoming a model

7-Year-Old With Down Syndrome Lives Modelling Dream

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James Terry
Dorothy Henry
Ramesh Nyfa
Nutan U Dandekar
Aashu Shrestha
Love comes in all shapes and sizes - Nathan found true love with Chelsee, despite being born without thighs and standing just 4ft 6in tall. And regardless of their height difference, the couple couldn't be happier ✨

Man Born Without Thighs Find True Love

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Rachel Turner
Antoinette Roy-Kiely
Mona Briese
Doreen Guardiola
Jenny Vosloo
Ryan was told he would never drive a car, go to a regular school or even have a family – but he’s proved all of the doubters wrong ✨

Father Of Two With No Arms Or Legs

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Babie Smith
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Susan Newcomb
Meet the family who have broken over 600 bones between them, but still manage to smile and live life to the full

The Family ‘Made Of Glass’ Have Broken 600 Bones

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Nathan Rolen
Ntombi'entle Radebe
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Antoinette Roy-Kiely
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You're beautiful, even if you have acne

Doctors Told Me I Had The Worst Acne They’d Ever Seen

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Vivian Eggart
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Nancy J. Day
Meet Wildine Aumoithe – the sassy 16-year-old who stands just 2ft 5” tall

I'm 16 - And Only 2ft 5

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Tierra S. A. Bolton
Barbara Wynn
Sharman Jeane
Sharon Mccoy Olive
Leslieann Jones Leehue
A teen with 95% burns covering his body once felt like a “monster” but is now chasing his modelling dreams ✨

My Body With 95% Burns

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AroseisstillaRose Mitchell
Sherrie Long
Cathy Amadeo Saunders
Athena Keller
Nancy Lipps
Twin brothers Stevie and Eddie can't stop eating due to a rare condition which means they're always hungry

The Twins Who Can’t Stop Eating

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Geraldine Brown
DeAnna Jones
James Timbrook
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Marie Lanza
A young woman born without arms has some amazing makeup skills - using her feet!

Doing My Makeup Without Arms

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