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After a long hard day of doing absolutely nothing...
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Finally, on Day #10 of our 10 Days of Boost Juice, it’s our Immunity Juice! A delicious blend of orange, strawberry, watermelon and our very own immunity booster supplement.

Not only does this juice contain vitamin C from the orange, antioxidants and fibre from the strawberries, but our immunity booster is made up of green tea and echinacea extract that assists in healthy cell growth and...
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Nothing more detoxing than a clean green juice!

The Mint Condition is a perfect green juice to assist the body to detoxify. This juice contains mint, cucumber, apple, spinach and the famous celery. Did you know celery juice and spinach provides a source of vitamin K to the body?
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This calls for a plan ☝

...It feels weird to be out here posting about smoothies at the moment. So in an effort to get a bit of a break from it, we just wanted to share some of the headlines we would prefer to see in the news right now.

Brighten someone’s day by sharing some of your lighter news in the comments below
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Is there anything better than free stuff? The answer to that is obviously… nup

Order any size Fresh Juice or Blend in the Boost app to receive a FREE VITAMIN BOOSTER!

T&Cs: Boosters are not recommended for young children, pregnant or lactating women. Valid for Immunity, Vita and Energiser boosters only. Limit of one booster per juice. For in-store orders, free booster with any fresh juice...
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Good gracious, fruit is bodacious

For those of you playing at home...can you guess which cheeky fruit is which?
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It's "busy" banana if my boss asks
What's your nickname?
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For Day #4 in the routine, try our Two & Five Juice!

5 types of Veg, 2 types of fruit and also containing our famous vita booster! A supplement that can provide you with 10% of your reference daily intake of essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamin A, B12, C, D and E!
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Bree Clark
[Actual recording from a Boost marketing brainstorm]

THEM: How ‘bout we do another Mango drink?
ME: Done - should we break for lunch?
THEM: It’s 9:15AM…

And that’s how we came up with our delicious new Mango Melons Smoothie
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Well look who's decided to join us...
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