Bonding With Chipmunk Wally About To Give Birth

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Bonding With Chipmunk Wally About To Give Birth
Bonding With Chipmunk Wally About To Give Birth thumb Bonding With Chipmunk Wally About To Give Birth thumb Bonding With Chipmunk Wally About To Give Birth thumb


  • Sleeepppyy..sleepy time is coming, coming, coming...
  • I haven't seen Wally for more than 2 weeks. So I visit Wally's house by the lake almost every day. I finally found Wally sitting on top of a rock.
  • Oh my gosh! Wally!
  • It looks like Wally's due date is coming soon.
  • I'm sorry that she seems to be having a hard time.
  • (Manchu, did you do that to Wally?)
  • Wally: No! It wasn't Manchu!
  • It's not Manchu?
  • Really??
  • How have you been Wally?
  • You didn't forget me, right?
  • Ha, ha, ha: You remember me!
  • You're such a good girl!
  • I don't think she's looking for food, but she likes being around me.
  • It's been awhile, so you want to have fun with me, right?
  • Wally turns her back towards me so I can pat her.
  • Wally, are you even going to let me touch your jaw?
  • :)
  • It's been awhile so I'll start with her jaw.
  • And then hold her tiny little hand.
  • Then pat the side of her tummy.
  • She is just about to give birth.
  • I feel touched that she trusts me enough to pat her.
  • Gentle, gentle, gentle touch.
  • Wally: Oh! That feels so good!
  • Wally doesn't run away, but stays to enjoy my touch.
  • Give me, give me, give me your hand Wally!
  • Chuuck..Wally's hand lands on my finger.
  • Ohhh! Such a good girl!!
  • Where did your neck go, Wally? :)
  • Maybe she's nervous.
  • Sleeepppyy..sleepy time is coming, coming, coming...
  • Whaa??
  • Wally: I almost fell asleep...
  • Wally's outstretched fingers look so cute!
  • She must feel so good when I massage the back of her neck.
  • I guess it's difficult for her to scratch her back when she's pregnant.
  • Wally, pleeeeease tell when to stop!
  • I'm getting tired touching the back of her neck.
  • I'm going to stop massaging your neck, and I'm going to hold your hand again.
  • No?? :)
  • Wally: My neck..
  • Wally: Keep doing what you were doing to my neck!
  • Come on! Just let me touch your little hands a bit more!
  • Wally: I like the neck massage better!
  • Okay, okay. I'll massage your neck!
  • Wally suddenly runs away.
  • 3 days later I meet Wally again at the lake.
  • Wally has come back looking healthy after delivering her babies.
  • I'm moving off the chair to film Wally..
  • Then Wally came off the chair at the same time.
  • Wally's tummy is quite a bit smaller.
  • I'm very happy that Wally is back and healthy.
  • Wally, may I see your babies?
  • Wally gives me a serious face.
  • No? Not yet? I will wait.
  • Wally still lives close to the lake.

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Bonding With Chipmunk Wally About To Give Birth
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