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First jump we hit filming for 'Dynamic Medium' GoPro

Head over to YouTube page for more: [ Youtube.com Link ]

POV Double Back

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Marvyn Blly
Stephen Puentes
Marvin Juri
Hugo Vibz Lapuerta
Vince Bik
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November 7 // 7pm Denver, CO // Oriental Theatre

Red Bull Snow

Dynamic Medium - World Premiere - Denver

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Brij Reiter
Russell Armstrong
Russell Armstrong
Dali Dali
Erik Mehus
Up and over
Red Bull x GoPro

When In Doubt, Trick It Out

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Mark Cooper
Connie Ray
Andrew Heimerman
Hannes Loiperdinger
Darren Pellerin
Always an epic day when you get to whip out the triple back!
Dynamic Medium Trailer HERE: [ Youtube.com Link ]

WORLD PREMIERE - Denver, Colorado - November 7
[ Holdmyticket.com Link ]

Triple Backflip "Dynamic Medium"

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Kolby Ward
Romain Fabron
Mike Chessnoe
Hugo Boudet
Kjetil Skogen
"Dynamic Medium"
FULL Trailer on YouTube -> [ Youtu.be Link ]

WORLD PREMIERE - Denver, Colorado - November 7
[ Holdmyticket.com Link ]

Red Bull Snow x GoPro x Smith x Spyder Active Sports x Crosson Ski

"Dynamic Medium" Teaser

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Bobby Brown
Sally Bell
Steve Miller
Amazing opportunity using the new #goprohero8 in Sweden.

Its been an a wild ride with GoPro . Inspringing to see them contiunually push the limits of cinematopraphy and photography. Big things ahead! #GoProSnow

GoPro Hero8 - Kimbo Sessions

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Jay Keegan
Joseph Mccarty
Ayla Smith
Julien Perron
Max Tremblay
Going up!

Bobby Brown Backside Jump

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Colt Van Sky
Dan Joe Pfluger
Kalin Kelly
Trina Corbett
Harrison Cole
!! Fun times Kimbo Sessions

Unbreakable Bobby Brown Flow

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Jeremy Sean
Emile Vos
Graham Yeulet
Getting to ride with these two legends......Wow. Thank you GoPro for this opportunity. Learned a lot.

Travis Rice Chris Benchetler
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John Lonas
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Harrison Cole
Radim Paule
Breck Spring Lap. Havent been skiing much park this year but had to get some spring slush laps in!
Shot on: GoPro
Red Bull

Breck Slush Lap

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Bobby Brown
Oli Heuchenne
Tom Nif
Vincent Reynolds
Joshua Barry