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Bloop Animation is a blog/YouTube channel about animation and filmmaking.

I created Bloop Animation as a place to share everything I know about making animation. I try not to hold anything back and show you, step by step, my process of making films and animating.

On this channel you'll find videos and articles showing exactly how I make films, as well as industry tips and animation tricks.
Making films is my passion, and I hope that by sharing my journey with you I will inspire others to make the thing that makes them happy.

This is a place for both beginners and veterans. I know many people want to make awesome things but don’t always know where to start (or how). Some people just can’t find the time to follow their passion project. I hope that sharing my journey with you will help you find yours.

So what do we have here?
Video tutorials, industry news, how to make an animated movie, books, courses ,short films and much more.

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