Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson Made Adam Levine Cry on New Year's Eve

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Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson Made Adam Levine Cry on New Year's Eve
Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson Made Adam Levine Cry on New Year's Eve thumb Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson Made Adam Levine Cry on New Year's Eve thumb Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson Made Adam Levine Cry on New Year's Eve thumb


  • -Congrats on the record. -Thank you.
  • -You just finished your tour on St. Patrick's Day in Philly.
  • -We did a -- my tour was 15 shows for the year.
  • -That's fantastic. How did you make that deal?
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -I didn't make the deal. I just -- that's what we did.
  • We didn't have time because of "The Voice."
  • So I don't have time to tour like I used to.
  • -[ Southern accent ] I'm talking about time, yeah.
  • -So then we -- [ Laughter ]
  • -Sometimes you have to make time.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • I'm just saying -- -We got it the first time.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -But I said it a second time.
  • -No, but we ended on St. Patrick's Day.
  • Thought that'd be a good, fun way to blow it out.
  • -[ Normal voice ] In Philly, too.
  • -In Philly. -How was that --
  • [ People cheering ] How was that crowd?
  • -They're pretty excited in that town still.
  • -Yeah. -They're still freaking out.
  • -That's right. Yeah. -Yeah.
  • -The Roots are from Philly.
  • They're still freaking out. [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -And my team -- my team is the Arizona Cardinals,
  • which I thought I could get up there, and be like
  • "Man, I'm an Arizona fan."
  • Even though you all just won the freaking Super Bowl,
  • they're like, "Boo, you suck!"
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -They don't stop, man. -I know we suck.
  • What do you mean? You guys won. You won!
  • -I know, man. Do you -- when you're backstage,
  • because I walked by your dressing room,
  • I didn't hear -- do you do, like, vocal warmups and stuff?
  • -[ Chuckling ] No. [ Laughter ]
  • -Do you like -- ♪♪ Me me me me me ♪♪
  • something like ♪♪ Oom, la, la-la-la? ♪♪
  • -Did you really walk by my dressing room to see if I was
  • doing something in there like that? I don't know, dude.
  • -Yeah, I kind of, yeah -- I just wanted to check.
  • You wouldn't speak to me before the show.
  • That's why, so I just wanted to --
  • [ Laughter ]
  • I just wanted to see if I stopped by, maybe see if,
  • you know -- You're a very nice guy, but, you know, backstage,
  • different story, ain't it?
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -Why do you make me feel like Super Dave Osborne
  • every time I come on this show.
  • Remember that guy? That's what you make me feel like.
  • -I love Super Dave Osborne. Oh, really?
  • -Every time I come on here, yeah.
  • -No, I love -- You know I love you.
  • -I know, but I have a drink before the show.
  • That's what I do to warm up. I have a drink.
  • I have a vodka, and a --
  • -Vodka and what -- What is your drink?
  • We had sake before.
  • -Yeah, we did have the rice wine.
  • -Rice wine. -Rice wine, that's what we had.
  • -[ Chuckles ] -I like a vodka, and like a,
  • you know, Sprite Zero, or diet Sierra Mist.
  • 7-Up. -Really?
  • -Something citrusy. Yeah. -Yeah, I like that.
  • No way. -Do you like that?
  • -Well, no, I like the idea of you doing that.
  • [ Laughter ] -Oh.
  • -I don't -- I don't like that at all.
  • No. I would go -- I would go more with like a gin and tonic
  • myself, or a vodka tonic. -Okay.
  • Hey, you remember this dude?
  • [ Laughter, audience "oohs" ]
  • [ Audience cheering ] Look at this guy.
  • How old were you there?
  • How old was this stud right here?
  • How old is this guy? Was this high school?
  • -I believe I was -- Oh, yeah.
  • I think I was 16 in that picture.
  • -Wow. And you -- did you always want to be a country singer,
  • or did you want to - -Don't act like you had
  • a serious question to ask me. [ Laughter ]
  • Just so you could have a reason
  • to show that damn picture on television.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -If I could, I would have it printed on a t-shirt.
  • -I know, I know. You're like, "oh well, tell me,
  • did you really want to be a singer?"
  • [ Laughter ]
  • Jackass. -Oh, my God.
  • You didn't have a question to ask me.
  • -You can't call me a jackass!
  • -You did not have one question to ask me.
  • You just wanted to show the picture.
  • -No, I want to know, like, what did you dream about?
  • [ Laughter ]
  • What were you dreaming about when you were this age?
  • No, because you know what? I do research on you.
  • Every time you come on, you act like I don't know
  • who I'm talking to. I know who you are.
  • I know you played basketball in high school,
  • and I know that you had a nickname called,
  • like, "Hook-shot" Shelton.
  • -I didn't actually play basketball
  • for the team in high school. I just -- we would play
  • sometimes, you know, after school,
  • and I gave myself the name "Hook-shot" Shelton.
  • [ Laughter ] Because I could do it.
  • That's the one way you can shoot the ball,
  • and be running away at the same time.
  • -That was my move, too.
  • I would foul somebody with this hand,
  • and then hook-shot with this hand.
  • -Really? -So I would dribble, I'd run up,
  • and I'd hit them with this one, I would swat them away,
  • and then hook-shot.
  • I wanted to see if you still got game, so --
  • Would you like to try?
  • -Oh, you're damn right I will. Watch this.
  • Ready? -Yeah.
  • -Hey, play one of them made-up songs that don't exist.
  • [ Mid-tempo music plays ]
  • [ Laughter ] Here we go.
  • -"Hook-shot" Shelton! -Ready?
  • -[Whistling musically]
  • [ Cheers and applause ]
  • -That's what friends are for, man.
  • -Yeah, you moved it for me a little bit.
  • -A little bit, I helped you out, man.
  • -I appreciate it. Thank you for the help.
  • That's the first nice thing you've ever done for me.
  • -That's not true at all. -On your show.
  • -And we've -- Dude, let's talk about "The Voice."
  • Cause you have Kelly Clarkson, a new addition.
  • But you've known her for a while.
  • -I've known Kelly for literally years.
  • -She's fantastic. -Yeah.
  • [ Laughter ] -Literally --
  • -Many years. -Many a year.
  • Adam Levine, you've known for literally --
  • -Way longer than I've known Adam, I've known Kelly.
  • -You invited them to your house on New Year's, didn't you?
  • Your ranch? -Several years ago, yeah.
  • This is like -- New Year's of like 2012 or something.
  • Because he was playing -- Adam was playing.
  • There's a casino there nearby where I live in Oklahoma,
  • and they had the New Year's gig, and so we all went over there,
  • and Kelly was still living down in Texas.
  • So I was, "Kelly, come up here, we're gonna --
  • let's go watch Adam, we'll make fun of him.
  • [ Laughter ] -Is it true that --
  • Is it true that -- is it true that Adam cried that night?
  • -Yeah, so what happened -- [ Laughter ]
  • -It's the best story.
  • -We had a designated driver, because it was New Year's Eve.
  • -Yep, sure. -And we were drinking.
  • -You went for it. -Yeah.
  • And, so, we went to his show, made fun of him,
  • and then when he got done,
  • he came to stay at my house with me for a couple of days.
  • -Yeah. -And on the way back
  • from the casino to my place, we got pulled over.
  • We was in, like, a van.
  • This guy that we had rented a van, and the driver,
  • and this guy, we got pulled over by, like,
  • a deputy sheriff, or whatever.
  • And not that we don't respect the police...
  • -Uh-huh. [ Laughter ]
  • -...but we knew we hadn't done anything wrong,
  • and so you can be a little cockier, you know,
  • at that point. -Where were you --
  • -We got a designated driver. Why are you pulling us over?
  • And Adam didn't see it that way,
  • because Adam is from Los Angeles,
  • where you don't talk back to the police.
  • -Yeah. -And in Oklahoma,
  • if you've got a good point, you do sometimes, you know?
  • [ Laughter ]
  • And so Kelly, you know -- And especially Kelly.
  • I mean, she was ribbing this guy.
  • -Oh, really? -He had a mustache
  • that wasn't cool-looking. [ Laughter ]
  • And Adam -- And Adam was -- began to --
  • he was convinced we were going to jail.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • And he got upset. He did.
  • I will never forget it.
  • He was like, "Kelly, shut up!
  • [ Voice breaking ] Kelly, shut up!"
  • You know, and it was like, it got intense.
  • -I can't to have Adam -- -And thanks for bringing up
  • that story, cause now I really am going to get pulled over
  • and get a ticket in Oklahoma. -No, you won't. No, you won't.
  • -Can I please just sing my song? -I love the song, by the way.
  • This is track 11 on the record.
  • It's the last song on the record.
  • "I Lived It." Makes me cry.
  • The song makes me sad. -Does it really?
  • -Yeah, man. [ Sniffles ] It does.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • All the memories of growing up and you got --
  • Life is an amazing thing.
  • -I mean, what is it about specifically,
  • lyrically about this song that makes you cry,
  • that makes you upset? -I think of my own life.
  • -But what lyric in the song... [ Laughter ]
  • ...is the one that really takes you down?
  • -Oh, oh, there's so many. There's so many lyrics.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • That's the thing about the song.
  • It's almost too much song, you know?
  • My only wish was that, you know, it was shorter.
  • [ Laughter and applause ]
  • Too much for me to handle.
  • No, I like -- I tell you what.
  • The Crisco line.
  • -The Crisco line, okay.
  • -Yeah, Yellow Jackets. -Oh, wow.
  • -Yeah, yeah, that's right. I know the song.
  • -Where's your cue -- [ Laughter ]
  • -There's no cue cards. -There's a cue card.
  • -This is called real life, dude. -Okay, you do know it, okay.
  • I take it back. I stand corrected.
  • -Yeah, I tell you every time you come on, I am a fan.
  • I really enjoy your work.
  • -My girlfriend is going to break up with me tonight
  • because of this show. [ Laughter ]
  • -I know, I know. -So anything you do nice
  • from this point on, you can kiss my ass.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -I want to show everyone a clip of the family-friendly show,
  • "The Voice."
  • Here is Blake Shelton from tomorrow night's episode.
  • Take a look.
  • -And, Kelsey, I know that you've been dealing with difficulties
  • of what it takes to sing long, long hours.
  • You're so excited, you can't sleep,
  • and, you know, there's all these things like you wish
  • you could shut your mind down.
  • -That happens to all of us.
  • -Doesn't happen to Blake, though.
  • [ Laughter ] -What did he say?
  • -Oh, no. -I feel like he said,
  • [ As Billy Idol ] "White wedding,"
  • but I'm not sure. I couldn't hear it.
  • [ Laughter ]
  • -That's exactly my point.
  • -♪♪ Nice day for a ♪♪ Sorry.
  • [ Cheers and applause ] -Blake Shelton, everybody!

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Jimmy teases Blake Shelton about pretty much everything as Blake explains how he and Kelly Clarkson made Adam Levine cry after getting pulled over by the police together on New Year's Eve.

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Blake Shelton and Kelly Clarkson Made Adam Levine Cry on New Year's Eve