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Was on top of FMX progression until I made probably the biggest mistake of my life and went for a Ruler Flip for the crowd.. busted legs/feet and out for over 6 months.. #LiveAndLearn

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AST Dew Tour Crash

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The ‘bell’ is normally only allowed after surgery... but i thought I’d try it on my bday ‍♂ safe to say it’s a no go for either @hayleyracing #bustup #nothappyjan #canistillgetadrinkplease @monsterenergy #crushquarantine
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Going big off the moon booter at Nitro World Games!

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Pre social distancing ‍♂ but all jokes aside, pleeeease stay at home, follow the rules/guidelines, if things get out of hand the already strained medical system won’t be able to cope, and we could face the grim situation that’s happened in European countries of doctors basicly choosing who lives or dies when the hospitals become over run and not enough beds/equipment for all. Also spare a...

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Coming for you @ontopexcavations and @on_point_excavations #sticksnlevers #nodignoride

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Freeride heaven! Hitting the dunes with Cheyne Boyd!

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Video by Russell Brothers Films

#Motocross #Freeride #SandDunes


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@chilliwiener just keeping herself entertained whilst in quarantine ‍♂
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Post your wheelie pics in the comments #WheelieChallenge
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Little practice session with my mate Jayo Archer, known him since he was about 8 and the kids got skills!!! Cam (sincs) Sinclair place is shutdown now due to neighbour complaints! Jumps have been taken down!

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GOPRO session ft. Jayo Archer

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#tbt 08 @xgames struggling on the 250f but still had to send it ‍♂ makin god I’m glad that jump was an 80ft step down
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