Black Forest Cake | Kitchen Time with Neha

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Apr 11, 2018


Black Forest Cake | Kitchen Time with Neha
Black Forest Cake | Kitchen Time with Neha thumb Black Forest Cake | Kitchen Time with Neha thumb Black Forest Cake | Kitchen Time with Neha thumb


Black Forest Cake. A chocolate sponge cake soaked with simple syrup, filled and frosted with light sweetened whipped cream along with some juicy cherries and rich, dark chocolate shavings. Need I say more? This cake would win anyone with just one glance at it, but this recipe is the best one I have ever tried. The sponge cake has the perfect amount of bitterness that is balanced out by the simple syrup. And it is moist and juicy in every bite along with the freshness that the cherries lend to it. You NEED to make this cake right away. Happy Baking! :)


For the Chocolate Sponge Cake: (6" round cake)
*1/2 cup all-purpose flour (maida) (To buy online: https://goo.gl/TrJRbQ)
*1/4 cup cocoa powder (To buy online: https://goo.gl/SDxonJ)
*3/4 tsp baking powder (To buy online: https://goo.gl/bdRNQk)
*a pinch of baking soda (To buy online: https://goo.gl/bKvGUP)
*1/8 tsp salt (To buy online: https://goo.gl/47HCGb)
*2 egg whites, (at room temperature)
*75 g powdered sugar (To buy online: https://goo.gl/V3Qx56)
*2 egg yolks
*1 tsp vanilla extract (To buy online: https://goo.gl/ebu5hs)
*6 tbsp oil (I used sunflower oil) (To buy online: https://goo.gl/BV7hwE)

For the Simple Syrup:
*1/3 cup sugar
*1/3 cup water

For the Whipped Cream:
*1 1/4 cup whipping cream (I used Deluxe Non Dairy whipping cream)
*1/3 cup powdered sugar

*1 cup dark chocolate shavings (To buy online: https://goo.gl/rFPSBX)
*1/2 cup canned cherries (To buy online: https://goo.gl/pLE6iK)

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These are some links to the basic baking supply/tools I buy:
*Baking/Parchment Paper: https://goo.gl/MsKxZX
*Weighing Scale: https://goo.gl/RPr2ja
*Muffin Liners: https://goo.gl/1l3f7g
*Measuring Cups & Spoons: https://goo.gl/3gMDBU
*Hand Mixer: https://goo.gl/vBnvyX
*Baking Chocolate: https://goo.gl/Z0NDiA

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