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  • I
  • I
  • Never thought I'd do one of these again because I don't really like doing them that much wait
  • Never thought I'd do one of these again because I don't really like doing them that much wait
  • You don't you don't even know what I'm doing it
  • if you don't know something that I used to do kind of consistently on my channel, but don't really do anymore because
  • it doesn't really go that well is
  • I used to do cooking with them is a lot but like there's this consistent pattern of the recipes not turning out very well
  • I don't even think it's fully cooked. It's still wrong. No
  • Do we do know it's literally rock Oh
  • God
  • It's literally sooo. It's no oh
  • Let's just have a nice bite
  • She's not great. You know, she sucks. I'm mad don't make this at home
  • So I kind of gave up on the idea for a while. I was like you don't fuck this
  • I don't even want cookie anymore. Like I'm sick of it, but my birthday's coming up
  • I'm gonna be 18 and I was like, you know, what fuck this. I'm gonna do another commune with Emma. I'm gonna bake cupcakes
  • Hopefully, I don't even know if I have a cupcake pan
  • But if I do have a company pin, so we're gonna make cupcakes because I want to celebrate, okay
  • Wait, let me see if I even have a cupcake pan. Hold on. Oh my god. I
  • Don't even know who bought this that's amazing in order to celebrate properly information and fur thing
  • We need to be we need to be and we need to make it fun and we need to make it crazy
  • I also have a lot to talk about because I'm becoming a woman and I've never became a woman before so far
  • I've just been a child
  • But I'm becoming a woman there's a lot we need to discuss there's a lot we need to celebrate
  • So we're back cooking with Emma last year for my birthday
  • I made funfetti cake, and it went so bad that it ruined my whole birthday. So throwback Thursday to that last year
  • I want the very homemade root. I didn't do a box mix. I made everything by hand from scratch and it went really bad
  • so this year I was like, you know what the fuck that I'm not doing that again, so
  • This year we're doing box mix. I know it's like actually kind of like depressing because normally I like can make everything
  • You know what? It's my fucking birthday. At least I'll get to eat it
  • You know like that would be nice like, you know, eat it for a change. So I
  • Got some Betty Crocker makes honestly knowing me I'm probably still gonna cook this up somehow
  • so it'll still be fun cuz they think the whole reason why this whole thing is fun is cuz I puff up so I have
  • All my ingredients I even have a fucking cupcake in shit's revolutionary. I really didn't think I had that so let's see
  • I've never really used this oven before so I don't really know how to use it. Okay?
  • Oh god, press enter. Okay. Oh, wait what he said I straight up done that eases oven. I think I've reviewed it
  • Why am I talking like that? Oh my obvious making a smell
  • What what why are these in my fuckin oven? Okay, I feel vir
  • I feel like for me one of my main character traits and personality traits is being a child
  • I'm always the youngest in the group
  • I'm always the kid that can't do stuff because of underage like all my friends are above 18 and I'm 17
  • so if we want to do something like get ear piercings or
  • Go on a zipline
  • Half the time I can't even go because I don't have a parent to sign off for me being 17 is fucking annoying
  • I can't even go to the doctor by myself or the dentist. I can't find lottery tickets. That's annoying. I can't do shit
  • I'm the only one that's having this issue still all my friends are like yo like
  • Like I
  • Even
  • Have to fuck another
  • parent but I am scared because I can't get away with as much shit being 17 is nice because I'm like
  • I can't go to jail. If I do something bad. I can just go to juvie knock on wood
  • If I would not survive in juvie
  • But still like it's better than Jail now if I run a red light I'm going straight up to jail
  • Like juvie doesn't even have a spot for me anymore
  • And that worries me
  • Wow, this is way too easy kind of feel guilty about how easy this is
  • So do you know where the challenge is gonna come in when I'm decorating the cupcakes?
  • I want my cupcakes to look good, but they probably wall better. Try it. Okay, okay
  • Oh this even clean you Oh
  • Also
  • Yesterday when I was driving into my garage
  • I accidentally dented my car really bad on my garage door not proud of that. But because I'm 17
  • My mom was like you're just young and stupid
  • Well, those years are coming to a close like soon and I'm not gonna be able to get away with crashing my car
  • But right now everyone's just like she's your stupid push. She's 17 but like the second I turn 18. It's like you're stupid
  • You don't you're just help so much more accountable vice is not opening so I have to search
  • Hmm this is fun. I like doing cake mix. I literally like three steps. This is amazing like this is too easy
  • I'm basically fucking done at this point, which means that there's like less content for you
  • So like sorry about it, but like it's my birthday
  • So I just want to do what I want to actually it's not liver. My birthday's on May 22nd
  • So get your gifts ready or whatever. They don't like my birthday worst day of the year hate it for the past few years
  • I literally haven't celebrated my birthday because I just refuse I don't like that level of attention
  • I know the amount that I talk you would think like Oh, Emma loves her birthday because she's conceited. I actually hate my birthday
  • I also don't like birthday parties in that type of shit because it's way more fun for the guests than it is for the actual
  • Birthday girl and that is a fact when you throw a birthday party
  • It's literally only fun for the guests because they don't have to fucking worry about the planning. They don't have to worry about shit
  • They're not the ones having a midlife crisis
  • I'm straight-up gonna have at least one mental breakdown about the fact that I'm 18, because that shit is scary
  • Oh my god, this smells so good. Is this what it looks like when you're actually doing it, right? Oh my god
  • I don't know. I'm just not a big fan of birthdays like this year. I'm straight-up disappearing on my birthday
  • I don't even want to see my friends. I'm just gonna fucking lay in bed lock my door
  • No one's allowed to see me for the whole day. My birthday's May 22nd, which makes me a Gemini. I'm homeless
  • Cos I was almost a tourist if I was born ten hours earlier, I would be a Taurus. I know that's not what happened
  • whoa, I am a Jedi, which means that everyone hates me for some reason every Gemini's we're like supposedly really like
  • Insane or something by the Gemini and I think I'm a pretty good person. Like I've never heard anyone
  • Well gentlemen isn't really made out to be evil
  • I think that I matched some of the traits like I definitely talk a lot and I'm definitely annoying
  • I don't have any of the evil Gemini traits. I don't think okay. So I want to make this cake funfetti
  • They didn't have any funfetti mix on the store
  • So I'm just gonna add sprinkles cuz I think you can do that, but I didn't google it so maybe not
  • I don't know how much to add so I'm just gonna kind of go off
  • You know it was the worst for me though when I used to go to school. My birthday was during finals
  • so like I didn't even get to have fun like my art has kind of been dead to me for like years now because they
  • Just haven't been able to celebrate I either I'm having a mental breakdown or it's finals or both and now that I don't go to
  • school anymore now
  • I just don't like my birthday because I don't like the attention and there's always all this pressure to have a birthday party and then
  • I don't fucking want to do that
  • That's where I'm at with that know the thing about cooking is I just think I'm gonna clean this up, okay
  • I know I'm gonna get salmonella, but I want to lick this. Nope
  • I'm not gonna I'm not gonna like it. I want to that
  • You know what shit's gonna be scary is when I'm not a teenager anymore it leaves
  • I'm so gonna be a teenager after this birthday. Like I'm not getting that old yet
  • but when I'm like 20
  • that's what I'm gonna start getting scared like the older I get then I'm gonna have to start getting Botox and like, you know,
  • Like a boob job and stuff. Oh god
  • I'm kidding. I don't know like being my age is so fun like being 17 is fucking annoying
  • You know what you like turn like 20
  • And then you just start getting like you're not really in the know anymore of all twenties kind of young when you're like 25
  • You don't know shit anymore
  • I don't leave a few more years of me being cool and in the note next thing I don't have to fucking get married. Oh
  • God, I don't even want to get married
  • well
  • I do
  • God, I don't even want to get married
  • I may also just be jaded because my parents are divorced, but that is a personal issue
  • A lot of girls are like oh my god. I can't wait to get married. Ah, okay
  • There's no rush then I have to get have kids
  • Straight-up have
  • Children, like that's so scary
  • Yeah, like everybody hates teenagers and like we get a bad rap and shit
  • But like I don't care better than having fucking like have a baby throwing up on you. Don't get me wrong
  • I want to have children one day but like not right now. Imagine planning on wedding Oh pick a kid up from school
  • Like I I can't I mean I am 17, so he was like not get too ahead of ourselves
  • The years are kind of like goin quick all of a sudden like I remember when I was 17
  • Oh, I am 17 still but like I remember when I turned 17 like this shit's goin by too quick
  • I'm gonna probably die soon. Sorry. I'm just having like a midlife crisis
  • Alright, so they're in the oven and see you and it's done
  • Okay, so I think that they're done but I can't find my toothpicks to like test. So I'm just gonna get
  • Okay. Well, I'm gonna let these cool that the way I need you're not mavin
  • I'm the one these cool for like a long last time and then we're going to decorate them. It's gonna be really fun
  • Okay, I don't know how to turn my oven off so I think I did it if not I'm just gonna burn my lap down
  • We'll cross that bridge when we get to it
  • Let's fucking do this they turned out great
  • I mean, I know how they're gonna taste but first does I'm we're gonna do is a very easy one because you know what?
  • I'm sick of failing and I fucking want to do something right for once Oh
  • Oh
  • I think I think made something similar to this before. So I feel like this design is gonna be really easy
  • I don't feel like it's gonna upset me. Whereas if you like some of the other designs that we're gonna try today might upset me
  • Why is this happening?
  • Was I supposed to shake it first I
  • Think about me and arts and crafts is that at first I'm like really good at it and then I just get like
  • bored
  • Okay, what is with this? Oh
  • my god
  • Does it mean the foot oh my god, I need my life. I should've bought fucking premade cupcakes from the store that already have decoration
  • Sorry, I'm not talking about I'm just really busy right now
  • I'm so fucking focused. Oh my god
  • I ain't got nobody but me is eating these cupcakes because I'm straight up getting my saliva all up in it. Okay?
  • That's not bad. It's kind of vibes. It could be worse
  • did you know why first cupcake pretty good next what we're gonna make it's very
  • Bday theme which I decided to do because you know what? It's my DNA
  • Huh? Why are you rubbing out? I keep hurting myself. Oh my god. There's a literal hair in it
  • Oh, I do not have the patience for this. Okay who used to watch Cupcake Wars?
  • So does that show on fucking Food Network or something? That shit was so good?
  • I got so into that the people on Cupcake Wars made it look so easy
  • And made me think they're fucking aren't you gonna make me cupcakes?
  • But apparently I'm not you know as this one might not turn out to that. Well, this looks bad. Yeah, I did bad. I
  • Don't know what color that is, but who?
  • So not my best work maybe I'm just like warming up okay this next one's a little bit fun and quirky so oh
  • My god
  • Wow, I don't really like sweet stuff that much but then again when it's in front of me
  • Look Brown her poop emoji. I
  • Need to stop eating the frosting how they work I'm literally gonna throw up. Yeah, I'm using my fingers
  • Okay, because no one's eating these so it's not gonna hurt anyone Oh
  • Fucked up
  • Oh my god, it was like a seven year old made this fuck
  • No, that's
  • Honestly, this one's this one's just straight-up stat. You know what? I think it'd be cute if I didn't like a little flower
  • it's spring and
  • I don't know why I'm trying to come up with a reason why I'm doing a flower one. I'm just doing it
  • What kind of flower should I do?
  • Like, you know, mo some people are like, oh you have my favorite flowers would do with like I don't have a favorite flower
  • I don't care. Okay, I'll do the tulip cuz that looks easy. Oh
  • I know it looks like I'm not trying but I swear to God, I am it
  • Just it's just not going left my egos down but like this still looks kind of good. At least I did one good one
  • I'm gonna do like one or two more because I'm starting to just get like sad
  • I'm gonna do this Panda one because I think it's cute and you know a little panda never hurt nobody. Okay? Oh
  • This is bad
  • Done
  • Fuck it. Okay. That's as good as someone's gonna get. I don't know. I I try I
  • Juice oh
  • That was good
  • You know what cupcake decorating is all about having fun and being yourself and earlier
  • I wasn't really being myself, you know, because I was imitating something that someone else did look at that fine art. Okay, one more
  • Sorry, I'm just having fun now. Oh
  • Oh, yes, okay, that's where you draw the line I'm done
  • Let's do a little birthday celebration before I eat one of these because you know what,
  • Let's not for know why we're all here today for my fuckin. Bday. This is like the only B Day celebration
  • I'm doing this year is right now so like let's make the most of it Wow
  • I just burn my fucking finger a nice seven years old. Why did that just happen?
  • No, okay, guys, let's sing. Happy birthday to me
  • Everyone I won't sing happy birthday
  • Thank you guys
  • It's not that I mean

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