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Hi Folks: My name is Bill and that's my wife Lorraine with me. We both enjoy Country music very much and decided to make a few videos and post them here on YouTube.

First let me briefly explain how we go about making our videos. We play all our own music by pre-recording the instruments and then mixing them down with our videos as we film them. In most songs I lay more then one lead track but in others I lay a rhythm track and play lead or the bass while singing.

I'm using the 'Precision Bass' and the 'Strat' (We had them sense 1962) along with a Gibson J40 I bought in the mid '70's. The other flat top, borrowed from my son, is called a Vantage and I find it has a good sound. The percussion is done by using bits and pieces of old drums I've accumulated over the years.

Influence: Buddy Holly, Johnny Cash (specially Luther Perkins), Waylon Jennings, George Jones and Ralph Stanley

Thanks to all you kind folks for taking the time to listen to our videos.


00:00 Cry Cry Cry#2
May 16, 2014
00:00 Play Guitar Play
18K+ views | Oct 25, 2012
00:00 You Are My Flower
79K+ views | Jun 24, 2009