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Bill Ladd DigFellas

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Watch the current TV show on the DESTINATION UNKNOWN channel. Bill Ladd is also called "metal detecting legend" on Discovery Channel's "Expedition Unknown". With over 35+ years digging, field tester, metal detecting expert, public speaker, author, videographer & "DigFellas" TV show creator, Bill & guest diggers explore Colonial New England treasures through metal detecting, bottle digging, cellar holes, sifting, etc. The FIRST to turn a youtube channel to a TV show, & original detectorist on YouTube filming Colonial New England cellar holes- influencing the flood of diggers now attempting cellar hole videos. Sponsored by many detecting co.'s Garrett, Makro/ Nokta, Fisher, MARS, etc. Will be doing "unboxing" videos & many field tests of new detectors & coils! The signed & numbers DVD's sold on E-bay have 30 min. episodes of footage not seen here! THANKS FOR WATCHING & ENJOY!! #digfellas #metaldetecting #relichunting #bottledigging #treasurehunting #relics #coins