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Bijuu Mike

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BIJUU MIKE HERE! Leader of the Scrub army!, Scrub fam, Scrub Squad, And Salad Squad!

It all started when my friend would always call me a scrub while i was at work. It stuck to me and i decided to make a YouTube channel and here we are now with over 1.5 MILLION SCRUBS LATER!

So.... WHATS A SCRUB? To me a scrub is not just some put down but rather a idea, a family. I call myself a scrub because no matter how big my channel gets i will always remember that im just a little scrub trying to make it in life.

I came from a small town, not knowing what to do with my life, to making YouTube videos to entertain people, make them laugh, forget about some of the problems in the world and to empower others to do what you want to do in life because if i can then SO CAN YOU!

Did i mention that we keep it family friendly? We play lots of game such as Yandere simulator, baldi's Basics, Doki Doki, Hello Neighbor, Roblox, Reactions, Memes AND MORE, SO JOIN THE SCRUB FAMILY TODAY!


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