Beware the WRONG Thing Under the Thing!

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Beware the WRONG Thing Under the Thing!
Beware the WRONG Thing Under the Thing! thumb Beware the WRONG Thing Under the Thing! thumb Beware the WRONG Thing Under the Thing! thumb


  • - In a recent video, YouTube superstar Peter McKinnon
  • said that my idea--
  • - Actually blew my mind.
  • - In a vlog that my buddy Cody Wanner shot
  • with Peter in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
  • - Jeff, that was for you.
  • - So I climbed up a hill to demonstrate the idea
  • and a subscriber left a comment saying--
  • (alarm blares) (crowd boos)
  • Actually, she makes a really good point
  • and it's important for how we all approach this whole thing.
  • (bell dings)
  • (upbeat music)
  • Howdy, Jeff Bartsch here with Story Greenlight
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  • tell the stories that you care about the most.
  • That is what the channel's all about
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  • Now, the idea that Peter was talking about
  • is called the things under the thing
  • and here's what it is in a nutshell,
  • most people talk about what's on the surface
  • and that's totally fine, we all need to do that
  • but if you want to create content
  • that really connects into the hearts
  • and minds of your audiences and leaves a mark there
  • maybe even for years, don't stop with talk about the thing,
  • build your content in light of the thing under the thing.
  • These really deep core ideas that let you
  • create attachments to what's happening on the surface.
  • Now if you haven't seen the other video yet,
  • make sure you go check it out right here.
  • It explains what the thing under the thing is.
  • It explains the whole Cody and Peter thing
  • and it gives specific examples of the thing under the thing.
  • So, go watch it right now and come back here, I'll wait.
  • (playful music)
  • Hey, you're back.
  • So I'm gonna assume you saw the video
  • and you saw the top of that hill sliced off
  • and what my take was on the surface thing
  • and what it represented underneath
  • the thing under the thing to me.
  • And so I went ahead and I made that video
  • and the automatic dislikers came by and did their thing.
  • (blows raspberry)
  • It kind of cracks up me.
  • It's like these guys are just like, oh he made a video,
  • let's go thumbs down automatic, rawr, rawr.
  • People started leaving comments, almost all them positive
  • except for a gal by the name of Joana who said,
  • you are are totally off base.
  • She says, this empowering message that you were saying,
  • it's not about that, it's about greedy housing developers
  • coming along and ruining a perfectly good hill,
  • destroying the environment so they can
  • build houses and earn more money.
  • And she ends by saying, and the irony is you,
  • meaning me, couldn't even see the thing under the thing.
  • (alarm blares) (crowd boos)
  • Ever heard the saying, the customer's always right?
  • You're gonna get people who either agree with that
  • or strongly disagree with that, it goes both ways.
  • Because the fact of the matter is,
  • sometimes the customer is an irrational loudmouth.
  • Now when it to communicating with our audience,
  • I'm gonna say that the audience is almost always right.
  • Not always 'cause we can't just completely eliminate
  • all responsibility for it.
  • There was a time when Chantel and I
  • were arguing about something and we,
  • I forget what it was at this point,
  • I mean it doesn't really matter,
  • but basically what ended up happening was,
  • I said one thing, I intended one thing
  • and she took it as another and I said, basically,
  • I said hey that's not what I meant
  • so if that what it means to you,
  • that's all on you, that's your problem.
  • She didn't like that. (laughs)
  • She didn't take very well to that.
  • Not really the best way to keep the peace in the house.
  • But I'm also not gonna go along with the husband's who say,
  • whenever you argue with your wife,
  • she's always right, no matter what.
  • I'm like, no, that's dumb, that's poor communication,
  • that's not admitting the fact that both people
  • on both sides are fallible human beings.
  • We both have our own perspective in whatever scenario it is.
  • Same thing with this video here.
  • In this case, I'm just gonna say that Joana is right.
  • And the fact of the matter is, I'm right too.
  • And the reason that I can say that is,
  • the thing under the thing doesn't necessarily
  • have one fixed meaning.
  • It's an offer of connection that you get
  • to offer to your audience.
  • Here's the thing, if we have an idea that we want to spread,
  • it's really tempting to just be completely literal
  • and to just shove it down people's throats.
  • It's like those people standing on the corners saying,
  • hey everyone, you all here suck, you need Jesus in your life
  • and as a follower of Jesus,
  • even I look at those people and I'm just like,
  • your communication strategy sucks, people.
  • Please just rethink this.
  • To really engage with your audience,
  • you have to let them discover things.
  • You have to let them connect things on their own terms.
  • Which is why the thing under the thing is so powerful.
  • It lets them make those connections for themselves.
  • Now sometimes, they'll make a connection
  • that we, the creators, didn't necessarily intend
  • and when that happens, the audience is almost almost right
  • because it's their discovery and it's their choice.
  • Now there's a whole other discussion
  • about how you relate to your audience
  • and how you think about them
  • and I'm actually doing a video on that.
  • It's not done as of this recording
  • but when it is done it will pop up right there
  • and if you want to see some more examples
  • of the thing under the thing and how it works,
  • check out this playlist right here
  • and I will see you in the next video.

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Uh oh. What happens when you intend one message in your content, and your audience picks up something completely different? Who’s right? That happened to me (Jeff Bartsch) when I published the video where Peter McKinnon said via Cody Wanner’s vlog that my idea about The Thing Under the Thing “actually blew [his] mind.” I got called out on my interpretation of things, and this raises some important things for you to remember for YOUR content.


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The video where I explained The Thing Under the Thing and got called out for my interpretation: This storytelling hack blew Peter McKinnon’s mind – Story Greenlight: /watch?v=8hwRBElFxXc

What Peter said: Power of Video – Why I Do Daily Vlogs – R Cody Wanner: /watch?v=zsADLuRbJ68

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