Best Fails of the Year: Part 1 (2018) | FailArmy

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Dec 14, 2018


Best Fails of the Year: Part 1 (2018) | FailArmy
Best Fails of the Year: Part 1 (2018) | FailArmy thumb Best Fails of the Year: Part 1 (2018) | FailArmy thumb Best Fails of the Year: Part 1 (2018) | FailArmy thumb


Oh man, do we have a treat for you! Hold on to your butts, because it’s time for part one of our annual Best Fails of the Year! We have 10 glorious minutes of fresh fails for you! So buckle up, buttercup, because it’s about to get crazy!

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Little Boy Can't Keep Up with Spinning Playground Toy https://goo.gl/FJuZva
Man Tries to Catch Rope Swing Off Moving Boat and Falls https://goo.gl/7uuhGc
Guy on Lawn Mower Tips Over in Cloud of Smoke https://goo.gl/29GjnZ
"Girl Breaks Laptop Trying to Hit Brother with Pillow " https://goo.gl/iT2pa5
"Woman Drops Roasted Potato Dish on Thanksgiving " https://goo.gl/doKnes
"Man Frantically Tries to Save Phone From Falling to Floor " https://goo.gl/5pWtQe
"Man Slips on Icy Front Steps of House " https://goo.gl/XfS7oh
"Baby Tries To Eat Kitten " https://goo.gl/pcsfvu
"Lumberjack Can't Cut Tree All the Way Through " https://goo.gl/PFnivT
"Boy Flips Over Bike After Jumping Off Ramp " https://goo.gl/csZF5c
"Kid Accidentally Smacks Man Trying to Hit Birthday Piñata " https://goo.gl/ugcgz4
"Teen Breaks Water Pipe Trying Gymnastic Flyaway Move " https://goo.gl/PxA98N
"Man Faceplants Attempting to Drive Over Dirt Ramp on ATV " https://goo.gl/P8KuH7
Woman Trips and Falls Along With Loaded Shopping Cart https://goo.gl/N42QpG
"Guy Jokingly Jumps out of Moving Car Outside Workplace Drop Off " https://goo.gl/2WyxYb
"Guy Flips and Smashes Tile While on the Dancefloor " https://goo.gl/53oWwA
"Girl Faceplants to Dirt Riding Kick Bike Leashed to Sleigh Dogs " https://goo.gl/TJXUYF
"Personal Trainer Trips on Non-Moving Treadmill " https://goo.gl/1Kovwk
"Cat Chases Raccoon Trying to Enter Through Cat Flap " https://goo.gl/K2hB9B
"Little Girl Asks for Help After her Shirt Gets Stuck on Hook " https://goo.gl/qddbwo
"Man Falls Multiple Times Jumping off Roof with Scooter " https://goo.gl/vpXh9w
"Person Breaks Stripper Pole Attempting Upside Down Spin " https://goo.gl/3SjbzJ
"Guy Falls Through Gap after Attempt Jump Over Roof " https://goo.gl/Qm1Hav
Woman Crashes on Electric Scooter with Dog https://goo.gl/zLmdz9
"Woman Punches Husband's Face During Boxing Training " https://goo.gl/hKGbEq
"Man Loses Control During Ramp Jump on Scooter and Falls " https://goo.gl/X9GJqL
"Kid Accidentally Front Flips off Boogie Board After Hitting Wave " https://goo.gl/YAXSz6
"Weightlifter Drops Heavy Barbell on His Back " https://goo.gl/4Mpx3x
"Skateboarder Bangs Mistakenly Into Kid Flipping Him Off " https://goo.gl/Hwz58v
"Mom Tries Water Bottle Prank on Daughter and Sprays Herself " https://goo.gl/yJd3Nh
"Three Friends Trip Each Other at Party " https://goo.gl/b4x4E4
"Baby Faceplants During Baptism " https://goo.gl/3BqbmR
"Two Cats Panic and Break Furniture " https://goo.gl/Bi7yxv
"Kid Accidentally Causes Opponent to Crash in Dirt Bike Race " https://goo.gl/sVhc36
"Ladder Slips From Under Man Putting Up Christmas Lights " https://goo.gl/SZFFGx
"Champagne Bottle Explodes in Guy's Hand Trying to Saber It " https://goo.gl/WVBfQt
"Acrobat Falls Off Teeterboard with Teammates " https://goo.gl/RjiqsU
"Dog Attempts to Steal Birthday Cake from Owner's Hands " https://goo.gl/GHVmY6
"Athlete Collides into Unaware Kid Walking Down Running Track " https://goo.gl/myMWGV
Man Faceplants after Successful Hand Stand on Balance Beam https://goo.gl/HkwrfD
"Girl Faceplants in Heels During Chair Dance " https://goo.gl/AzQpfC
"Man Falls on Knees and Slips Doing Handstand on Diving Board " https://goo.gl/7MJ9xe
"Guy Crashes and Flips Over Wall After Biking Down Stairs " https://goo.gl/rDXBtj
"Boy Gets Attacked While Trying to Feed Duck " https://goo.gl/L8FWV5
"Female Bodybuilder Hits Neck with Barbell Attempting Lift " https://goo.gl/GBQaet
"Little Girl Faceplants into Table After Getting Surprise Gift " https://goo.gl/DedW1S
"Little Girl Looks Unimpressed With Christmas Gift " https://goo.gl/qGbtKt
"Little Girl Falls Off Santa's Lap While Having a Tantrum " https://goo.gl/rMNJ9X
"Curious Dog Tugs at Christmas Tree and Makes it Fall " https://goo.gl/Kd3N93
"Kid Jumps into Glass Table While Playing VR Game " https://goo.gl/CdLnau

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