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Muscle Intelligence 42 NUTRITION PRINCIPLES:

During this strange and potentially challenging time, a strong understanding of healthy nutrition principles is an important piece of sustaining a thriving body, mind, and life.

For a printable version of this guide check the link in my profile.

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Angela Silverfox
Gavin Martins Hanley
Angela Silverfox
Juan Rojas
Anas Umar Sarawa
A new episode of Muscle intelligence drops today with Dr. David Sinclair - we’re talking about his new book Lifespan, and his research and groundbreaking ideas on longevity and what it really means to age.

We get into whether rapamycin, mTOR, and meat-eating promotes longevity; what “DNA breaks” mean and how to minimize them; how to mitigate free-radical exposure and inflammation; what...


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Michael Roberts
Philip Pich
Fitness obsession: how can you overcome a dysfunctional attitude towards fitness and still keep it as an important part of your life? ⁣

I recorded this week's Q&A from Sydney, Australia, and as usual the conversation is about both fitness and what's beyond fitness: your actual life. Your goals, your hopes, your family, your values. Ashleigh and I talk about a specific case of fitness...

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George Angrick
Mark South
Lindokuhle Mathaba
Mark South
समिर प्रधान
You’ve probably already seen me talking about and recommending this book, Brain Wash. Today’s podcast interview with the author, @davidperlmutter, is live. ⁣

It’s all about neuroplasticity, and the brain’s ability to rewire itself - in both positive and negative ways, depending on the stimulus. Our modern world seems designed to distract, waste time, create anxiety, and make us unhealthy,...

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Tina Sexton
Tennille Guerra-Ortiz
A brand new @muscleintelligencepodcast Q&A just dropped! Recorded from Dubai, we’re talking travel hacks, the evolution of my training and the @musclecamps, and how to overcome anxiety around public speaking (or any important event). Let me know what you think below

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Rodger Padgett
Chris Yip
This week on the @muscleintelligencepodcast Q&A we’re answering questions from social media about inflammation, turning obstacles into strengths, understanding circadian rhythms, and more.

If you have a question you want addressed on an upcoming episode, comment below or send a DM on the @muscleintelligencepodcast Instagram page. If you have a question, chances are a lot of other people have...

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Jeff Craig
Brian Foxworthy
In less than three weeks, we kick off the 2020 Muscle Camps in Australia with myself and @milossarcev, so I thought it was a good time to get this bodybuilding legend on the @muscleintelligencepodcast⁣.

We talk about his training, diet, mindset, and our approaches to bodybuilding (both in our competitive days and now). This conversation is just a glimpse of the knowledge this man will be...

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Thomas Lundkvist
Konstantin Silni Poljanski
Joseph Wiele
Elneri Siqueira
Michael Roberts

2020 Muscle and Mind Camps are NOW LIVE!

Milos Sarcev and Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro will be teaching everything that goes into Body, Mind, and Life Optimization.

We will reveal all the lessons, tips and secrets from over 50 years combined of building the greatest physiques on the planet, coaching top champions, and teaching 1000's of top trainers and coaches around the globe.

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Στέφανος Αστέρια
Harshad Solanki
Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro posted on Dec 15, 2019

Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro's cover photo

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Steve Jenkinson
The Muscle Expert podcast is approaching 1.5 Million downloads this year.
Thank you!

We continue to search the world for the smartest and most inspiring people to help you understand how to live a an amazing life in a body you love.
Who’s been your favorite?
And feel free to tag any guests you’d like to see on the show!

Ben Pakulski IFBB Pro's cover photo

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Angela Silverfox