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Carl Howard
Maggie Stancu
Steve Webster
Teresa Rowell
Jonathan Highfield

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Angela Doherty
Traci Livingston
Liam Dunn
Amanda Pike
Diane Kot Pinkus
Tully was a hit with the ladies.

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Smooth Tully - Being Human Series 1 Ep 2

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Phyllis Zickmund
Elaine Aafje Smith - Moman
Sam Maher
Rebecca George
Rebecca George
Some of the best bits of series 2. Is yours in there?

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The Story Continues - Being Human Series 2 Behind The Scenes

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George Minister
Steve Webster
Wabner Saimon Rodrigues
Amanda McQueen
Serge Boivin
This lot are 'blogging' about.

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Trio Nearing The End - Being Human Series 2 Behind The Scenes

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Christine Egg Beckett
Tafy LaPlanche
Alba Sanchis Dolz
Michelle Gorman
Raphael La'Venture
Have you checked out the Being Human Forum?

You can now join in with polls, games and discussions without becoming a member. Keep an eye out for an exciting competition coming soon!

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Being Human Forum

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Paul Smith
Angela Chicklinski
Gill Hawkes
Amber Lynch
Amber Lynch
Aidan loves a big explosion!

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The Big Explosion - Being Human Series 2 Behind The Scenes

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Kathy Chan
Alison Elizabeth Erskine
Kathy Chan
Alice Broadribb
Matt Perry
Aidan Turner and a baby! How lovely.

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Baby Day - Being Human Series 2 Behind The Scenes

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Andriena Lawson
Yasmin Selena Butt
Naomi Bruening
Jordan Ellis
Alicia M Downs
You know us, we'd NEVER be so bold as to ask you to vote for Being Human in the SFX awards....or would we?

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Vote In The SFX Awards 2013! | SFX

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Anna MacDonald Johns
Lesley Cartwright
Denise Lovell
Sam Pugh
Alexander T Greene
We know it is May but hey.....

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Trio Halloween Memories - Being Human Series 2 Behind The Scenes

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Carl Howard
Anna Boltz Hayes
Wabner Saimon Rodrigues
Michelle Gorman
Heather Fraser