Become a Millionaire on $36,000 Salary

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16:37   |   Apr 12, 2019


Become a Millionaire on $36,000 Salary
Become a Millionaire on $36,000 Salary thumb Become a Millionaire on $36,000 Salary thumb Become a Millionaire on $36,000 Salary thumb


Become a Millionaire on $36,000 Salary
Getting Rich With Little Dough

It is said that compound interest is the eighth wonder of the world. It can also make you rich. In this video I show the math on how someone earning $36,000/annually can become a tax-free millionaire by setting a few simple habits into place.

This isn't for everyone though, you truly have to want it. You have to build up the discipline to be able to think long-term and plan accordingly. Although this shouldn't be your only asset. You should be pursuing wealth actively while this strategy works for you in the background of life.

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