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Iā€™m Kimberly Soane, pro makeup artist and an Exec Director of Artistry for Bobbi Brown Cosmetics.

Beauty By Soane offers step-by-step makeup tutorials, advice on skincare, and essential techniques. Everything is based on 15 years of experience in the industry and created for ALL women. Iā€™m a working mom who prefers honesty to heavy editing, and real faces to airbrushing. The Beauty By Soane community is all about illuminating the REAL, luminous you.

Beyond my experience with looks and products, I have also made a career of training makeup artists and clients. I run Master Classes during Bobbi Brown in-store events, so you know I totally love teaching, and I know I can help you master the looks and techniques you want to know.

Be prepared! You also may get inspired to try new products, daring colors, and exciting techniques that will help show off your natural beauty in new ways :)

I share new tutorials every week, so I hope you'll join the Beauty By Soane family by subscribing!


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