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So proud of my sister Carly and her gf Tamara.
We love you so much.
Bring on the wedding and baby Ryan. See ya at the Bucks/Hens in Vegas.
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Perfect day to take this bad boy off road.
Love the Navara from Southern Classic Group and my bro Johnny Volcan down in Wollongong.
Best car dealers in the business.
By far.

Im looking for a 4WD spot in or around Sydney.
National Park is unreal.

Anyone know anywhere???

Now that Dancing With The Stars is over I suddenly have 30 free hrs a week.

Now where are the good 4WD spots???????
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Super proud to be an ambassador ❤

R U OK Day

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And just like that it’s all over. To be honest, I loved every second of Dancing With The Stars Australia . The last 7 weeks have been so hectic. Really full on. Learning a new craft and testing yourself on it every Sunday in front of the country is psycho. But I’m glad I did it. I’ve met some of the most genuine, and beautiful people during this crazy ride. Friends for life. Shout out to my...
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Latin night tonight on Dancing With The Stars Australia on Channel 10

And we are in the zone...

If you feel like it keep us in the comp by texting “BEAU” to 1995 1010
I’d appreciate it.

If not, forget I asked...
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Dance. Sleep. Repeat.

Rehearsals Extra

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For some people black cats are bad luck. Not for me. So pumped Allen's Lollies have launched black cats their own pack. Everyone has their fave lollies from when they were a kid and mine are these bad boys. Especially on days that I'm dancing my arse off. I love them.
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A special night tonight here Dancing With The Stars Australia dancing for my fam. Means a lot to have them all with me. Here is a shot of my little guy trying to work out what his Dad does for a living... #DanceLife
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“Dick across your forehead”

"Sorry, I spent the deposit" (ONLY LYING!)

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