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Hello and welcome to the BeamNG-FUN YouTube channel! As you'll see, I have a passion for storytelling and experimenting using the BeamNG.drive physics simulation sandbox. This channel exists as a platform for me to share my stories, experiments and other mayhem created in BeamNG.drive.

I create my videos by first recording many hours of my own unique and custom scenarios within BeamNG.drive using OBS Studio. I then spend a significant amount of time editing these clips in Davinci Resolve to create a story before finally uploading the completed video to YouTube. This is a long process and while I strive to upload videos on a consistent basis, I typically average a few uploads per week.

Please note that the creators of BeamNG.drive allows for game owners to create, upload, and monetize gameplay videos on YouTube. More info on this can be found here: https://wiki.beamng.com/BeamNG_FAQ#Can_I_upload_and_monetize_my_BeamNG.drive_videos_on_Youtube.3F