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Tbh it is easy to confuse a dead cat for a laptop.

Man Like Mobeen: Dead Cat

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If they don't know your age, are they even your friend?

Watch brand new Hot Property on BBC iPlayer now.

Hot Property Series Two: Best Mate

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BBC Three
When you turn up late for PE.

Brand new comedy drama series In My Skin is on BBC iPlayer now.

Brand new comedy drama series In My Skin is on BBC iPlayer now.

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I can't say the words "much better" normally anymore, thanks Baga Chipz. (via RuPaul's Drag Race UK)

RuPaul's Drag Race UK: Much Better

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"What's a punch in the face compared to being stabbed?"

Shanelle is an 18-year-old MMA fighter and aspiring UFC champion.

Inside The Cage: The Rise Of Female Fighters – Shanelle's Story

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If your grandma doesn't stan you like this then what is she even doing?

Famalam: Aunties and Grandsons

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"You're way too attractive to be shy, by the way"

(via BBC Comedy)

Lazy Susan - Women behave like men in bars

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Maybe the only thing funnier than This Country: the This Country blooper reel.

This Country: Bloopers

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Tracy Currie

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We've all got that one friend who makes you carry their belongings on a night out.

Quickies: Taking a bag

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