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The world needs more Hannahs

The beauty guru with no arms or legs

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Donor-conceived Natasha thought she’d never find out the identity of her sperm donor. But does the rise of home DNA testing mean this could be about to change?

DNA Testing, Sperm Donor Anonymity and Me

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What a brilliant idea ♻

Classrooms made from plastic waste

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Phil helped convict the bishop who abused him as a child. This is how he did it. WARNING: Contains some sexual and some upsetting content.

Survivor's story: Church of England sex abuse scandal

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BBC Stories
BBC Stories
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"Everyone wants to look Insta perfect" Lip fillers are everywhere but the industry is unregulated. Campaigners say this needs to change.

Via BBC Inside Out West


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Teenage cocaine farmers from Colombia encourage UK user to quit. More people should be aware of their message.

Cocaine farmers talk to UK user

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'Submitting to and spoiling my husband like it's 1959'. A growing number of women are joining the #TradWife movement, which promotes ultra-traditional gender roles. Alena is only one of them…

Why I submit to my husband like it's 1959

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How Severn Cullis-Suzuki warned the world about environmental destruction... back in 1992 when she was just 12.

The woman who warned the world about environmental destruction in 1992

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"I don't feel guilty about any of it."
Seth was hired by Harvey Weinstein's to spy on celebrities.

'I was Harvey Weinstein's spy'

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Mufseen left his family in December and has started 2020 independent from his closest relatives.

'I quit my family and I'm happier for it'

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